Grants & Funded Projects

The College of Education’s extramural funding indicates steady growth both in individual awards as well as multidisciplinary, collaborative endeavors.  Descriptions of completed and current funded projects may be found by visiting the website for the Office of Sponsored Projects Information Files (SPIFi). On the SPIFi site, click “Search Now” near the bottom of the page. If you enter the 8GXXX unit and department code (provided below) you can see a list of extramural funding for each department in our college.  The space to enter the department code is near the bottom of the search page.  (See Also Funded Projects.)

Unit and Departmental Codes for searching the SPIFi:
Curriculum and Instruction (EDC) 8G020 (859) 257-4661
Educational, School and Counseling Psychology (EDP) 8G030 (859) 257-7404
Educational Leadership Studies (EDL) 8G010 (859) 257-8921
Educational Policy and Evaluation (EPE) 8G060 (859) 257-3178
Kinesiology and Health Promotion (KHP) 8G040 (859) 257-5826
Early Childhood, Special Education and Rehab Counseling (EDSRC) 8G070 (859) 257-3834
Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD) 8G305 (859) 257-3604
STEM Education (STEM) 8G050 (859) 257-4235
Other Education Units  8G250 (859) 257-6076