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Faculty and Students Make Presentations at NASP

With 4,500 members in attendance at the 2008 National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Convention in March three UK College of Education faculty members and three students were among the select number who gave presentations on their research or current topics in the field.

Melissa Wheatley, first-year doctoral student, presented a poster on the quality and content of IEP goals for children with autism;
Matt Buckman, third-year doctoral student, and former College of Education faculty member Rich Gilman presented their research on teacher and student perceptions of bullying which identified the importance of whole-school collaboration in any bullying prevention/intervention program; and
Brooke Reed, first-year specialist student, presented research about the role undergraduate advisers play in recruiting undergraduate psychology majors into the field of school psychology.

Kristen Missall, assistant professor in the School Psychology Program, participated on a panel presentation about innovations in assessment and intervention in early literacy development and presented her research on the pragmatic and empirical connections between general outcome measures of early literacy and early reading; and
Lisa Ruble, assistant professor in the School Psychology Program, and Melissa Wheatley presented a paper about consulting with classroom teachers and parents of children with autism.

NASP is the largest national organization of school psychologists with approximately 25,000 members. The group works to support school psychology in an effort to enhance the mental health and educational competence of all children. For more information on NASP, please visit www.nasponline.org.