The interdisciplinary nature of the program will help students develop academic and applied research skills, undertake commissioned research or evaluations, or progress to doctoral study. Depending on the concentration students select, the RMinE degree will prepare students to:

  • Work with evaluation projects
  • Start evaluation firms and/or apply evaluations to their current work
  • Work in educational testing or assessment firms or in survey firms, or to develop better instruments in their current work
  • Design research studies
  • Work in academic institutions, school districts, and state/federal agencies
  • Conduct research in healthcare organizations

This degree prepares individuals for work in many careers listed in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Occupations with a Master’s Degree or Higher Level of Education, including Survey Researcher (30th) and Postsecondary Education Administrator (48th). Furthermore, skills developed throughout the RMinE program are applicable to a range of careers, including K-12 teaching, school and district leadership, higher education administration, those working in state and federal agencies, and healthcare.

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