Educational Policy Studies & Evaluation

Dr Jeffrey BieberJeffery Bieber, Director of Graduate Studies

Office:  145A Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-2795

Email:  jpbieb01@nulluky.edu

Dr. Bieber (vita in PDF) joined the faculty in 1991, coming to Lexington from the College of William and Mary where he was a Visiting Assistant Professor. Dr. Bieber has served as Director of the Office of Higher Education Research in the College of Education since 1993.  (MORE)


Dr. Kelly BradleyKelly Bradley

Office:  144A Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-4923

Email:  kdbrad2@nulluky.edu

Dr. Kelly D. Bradley (vita in PDF) came to UK directly from doctoral study in quantitative research, evaluation, and measurement at The Ohio State University. Her research is anchored in quantitative evaluation and measurement, with a focus on Survey Research and measurement… (MORE)


Dr. Richard AngeloRichard Angelo

Office:  145B Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-3993

Email:  richard.angelo@nulluky.edu

Dr. Angelo (vita in PDF) came to UK in 1978 from Glassboro State (now Rowan University) in Glassboro, NJ.   Prior to doctoral study, he taught high school English while completing an M.Ed. at Temple. His A.B. is from John Carroll University in Cleveland.  His interests center on the history & philosophy of education.  View his photo essay on the history of Kentucky education HERE.


Dr. Alan DeYoung Alan DeYoung

Office:  144B Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-3846

Email:  ajdey@nulluky.edu

Dr. DeYoung (vita in PDF) came to UK from Florida State University in 1977. In addition, he has a joint appointment in the Department of Sociology, and has served as a Faculty Associate and as Associate Director of the UK Appalachian Center in years past. (MORE)


Dr. Joe Ferrare - EPEJoseph Ferrare

Office:  145C Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-9884

Email:  joseph.ferrare@nulluky.edu

Dr. Ferrare (vita in PDF) joined the faculty at UK in 2014 from the Department of Sociology and Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies at Western Washington University. Prior to his doctoral studies at UW-Madison he spent three years as a research analyst in Seattle, WA working in the areas of…  (MORE)


Dr. Beth GoldsteinBeth Goldstein, Department Chair

Office:  145D Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-2705

Email:  bethg@nulluky.edu

Dr. Goldstein (vita in PDF) joined EPE in 1986, moving from a position with MUCIA’s World Bank-Indonesia Higher Education Project administered from Madison, WI. Dr. Goldstein’s peripetetic career has led her through work as an instructor in Adult Basic Education and ESL at the Madison Area Technical College; program coordinator… (MORE)


Dr. Jessica HearnJessica Hearn

Office:  143D Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-2628

Email:  jessica.hearn@nulluky.edu

Dr. Jessica Hearn (vita in PDF) joined the department in 2014 as Clinical Faculty and Director of the Evaluation Center.  Before coming to the University of Kentucky, she was an Assistant Professor in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Eastern Kentucky University.  (MORE)


Dr. Jane JensenJane Jensen

Office:  134A Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-1929

Email:  jane.jensen@nulluky.edu

Dr. Jensen (vita in PDF) joined the EPE faculty from Indiana University with a joint degree in Anthropology and Higher Education. Her research interests are qualitative research methodology, issues in postcompulsary education, and post-secondary transitions.  (MORE)


Dr. Willis Jones - EPEWillis Jones

Office:  136B Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-1607

Email:  wjo225@nulluky.edu

Dr. Jones (vita in PDF) is an assistant professor of higher education at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Jones has a BA from the University of North Texas, a master’s in Higher Education Administration from the University of Arkansas, and a PhD in Higher Education Policy and Leadership from Vanderbilt University…. (MORE)


Dr. Jungmin LeeJungmin Lee

Office:  144C Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-7836

Email:  jungmin.lee@nulluky.edu

Before coming to the University of Kentucky, Dr. Lee (vita in PDF) earned a Ph.D. degree in Leadership and Policy Studies from Vanderbilt University. Prior to Vanderbilt, she received a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Education from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.  (MORE)


Dr. John ThelinJohn Thelin

Office:  136A Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-4996

Email:  jthelin@nulluky.edu

John Thelin (vita in PDF) University Research Professor in 2000. His teaching and research interests focus on the history of higher education and public policy. John likes to bring historical writing and research to contemporary discussions about significant, enduring higher education issues. His latest book is A History of American… (MORE)


photo of Dr. Richard Joseph WaddingtonR. Joseph Waddington

Office:  134A Taylor Education Building

Phone:  (859) 257-8666

Email:  rjwaddington@nulluky.edu

Dr. Joe Waddington (vita in PDF) joined the EPE faculty as an assistant professor in 2015. Previously, he was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Notre Dame Institute for Educational Initiatives. Dr. Waddington earned a Ph.D. (2012) in Educational Studies and M.A. in Statistics from the University of Michigan through the UM School of Education’s Quantitative Research Methods in Education dual-degree program. He also earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame. (MORE)



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