May 4: Faculty Candidate Lecture

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“Wisdom in Educational Leadership and Policy: On Sex Education and Corporal Punishment”
-Dr. Eric Thomas Weber

In this talk, I will present my theory of desirable leadership developed in Democracy and Leadership (2013), focusing in particular on the aspect of wisdom in leadership. Next, I will demonstrate the implications of my theory for two policy controversies in public schooling, sex education and corporal punishment. Finally, I will highlight what I believe to be an important and related need for future research, which presently motivates a book in progress, called A Culture of Justice.

Dr. Eric Thomas Weber is Visiting Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Kentucky, Executive Director of the Society of Philosophers in America (SOPHIA), co-host of the Philosophy Bakes Bread show and podcast on WRFL Lexington, 88.1 FM, and author of Morality, Leadership, and Public Policy (2011), Democracy and Leadership (2013), and Uniting Mississippi (2015).

The talk will be followed at noon by a lunch for graduate students to meet with Dr. Weber.