Balazs’s & Waddington’s Research Featured in UKNOW

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This week, a study co-authored by EPE’s own Simona Balazs was featured inĀ UKNOW. As part of her work as a research associate at the Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky (CEDIK), Balazs worked with CEDIK Director Alison Davis on a study that shows the importance of agriculture to Fayette County’s economy. For more info, read the article here. Balazs is a doctoral candidate pursuing a PhD in Studies in Higher Education.

Moreover, Assistant Professor Joe Waddington’s research on Indiana voucher programs continues to receive attention fromĀ UKNOW, The Washington Post, Education Week, Chicago Tribune, and other outlets.

Congratulations to both Waddington and Balazs. What a time to be a researcher in EPE!