Departmental Scholarships

The following Fellowships and Scholarships are available to students in EDSRC.  Criteria and eligibility are listed below.  Funds for these programs are limited and as designed to supplement other funds.  For application deadlines and specific funding and eligibility requirements please contact your faculty advisor or Director of Graduate Studies.  Recipients are expected to attend the annual College of Education Scholarship banquet held in September of each year.  Other funding may be available thought grants and teaching, research, and graduate assistantships.  Check with your faculty advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies.


  1. Blackhurst Student Research Fund
  2. The Blackhurst Student Research Fund provides scholarships to support the research of students who are pursuing graduate degrees.  Graduate students in good standing who are pursuing majors in one of the academic programs in EDSRC are eligible to apply for a scholarship.  Research activities must be conducted as part of a Master’s Degree Thesis, Educational Specialist Degree Research Project, or Doctoral Dissertation. Students who wish to apply must submit a completed application along with an abstract that describes the need for the research, the research questions, hypothesis, or objectives of the research; a summary of the procedures to be used; and potential outcomes of the research.

  3. Michael Nelson Graduate Fellowship
  4. The Michael Nelson Graduate Fellowship is a scholarship fund to support graduate students studying Emotional and Behavioral Disorders at the University of Kentucky.  Any graduate student who wishes to apply for a scholarship must be in good standing and must be conducting a Master’s Degree Thesis, Research Project, or Doctoral Dissertation.

  5. Della Marie Johnson Endowed Research Fund
  6. The Della Marie Johnson Research Fund provides grants for research projects conducted by faculty in the Rehabilitation Counseling program.  The student receiving the grant will be responsible for assisting the faculty member with conducting literature reviews, data collection and analysis, reports and grant writing, and journal publication.  The research project will not be funded for more than two years.

  7. Martin Thacker Scholarships
  8. The Martin Thacker Scholarship offers funding full-time rehabilitation counseling student who are committed to a career in the rehabilitation of developmentally disabled adults in rural areas, and upon completion of the Rehabilitation Counseling Program agrees in writing to serve a minimum of two years in a rehabilitation facility/program that serves individuals with developmental disabilities in rural areas for each year the scholarship funds were received.  Funds are awarded when students enter clinical practice and clinical practice must be in a program facility or agency serving individuals with developmental disabilities in rural areas.  Also, awardees must take the Rural Rehabilitation course.

  9. James Arvle Thacker Endowment
  10. The James Arvle Thacker Endowment offers a one-time only scholarship to students who are from Georgia or Kentucky. The student must be enrolled in the web based Master’s Degree Program in Rehabilitation Counseling and have completed 30 hours with a minimum grade point average of 3.7.

  11. Barbara J. Edwards Special Education Fellowship
  12. The Barbara J. Edwards Fellowship offers a scholarship renewable up to three years to students who are pursuing a doctorate in Special Education and who have a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average. Preference for the scholarship is given to minority students are who are underrepresented in the College of Education.

Other Scholarship Opportunities