Alumni Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis Program


Kate Gorton

“Effects of electronic feedback on increasing positive interactions among pre-school teachers and their students” – Directed by Allday

Mandy Hogue

“Effects of participant controlled video prompting on novel tasks in a vocational setting for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder” – Co-Directed by Spriggs and Shepley

Molly McGee

“Effects of POWER CARDS on conversational skills for high schoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder” – Directed by Spriggs

Kaylee Ortiz

“The effects of video activity schedules on life skills for individuals with mild intellectual disability” – Co-Directed by Shepley and Spriggs

Colin Vogler

“Increasing self-initiated question asking with adults with Autism using pivotal response training strategies and constant time delay” – Directed by Shepley


Danielle Duff

“Group contingency interventions for classroom behavior management: A systematic review of the literature 2011-2016” – Directed by Allday

Madison Johnson

“Video activity schedules to increase independence for students with multiple disabilities” – Directed by Spriggs

Rachel Pence

“Effects of visual activity schedule on decreasing transition latency for an at-risk student” – Directed by Allday

Charity Watson

“Visual activity schedules with embedded video models to teach laundry skills to adults with intellectual disability” – Co-Directed by Spriggs and Shepley

Olivia Winstead

“Promoting collaboration and conversation in young students with academic and social delays during small group instruction” – Directed by Lane