Supervised student teaching in a classroom for students with disabilities utilizing contemporary curricula, assessments, methods, and materials designed for use with children exhibiting moderate severe developmental or intellectual disabilities and learning and behavior disorders. Student teachers are required to demonstrate attainment of the Kentucky Teacher Standards. Student teachers will be evaluated on these competencies by the university supervisor and the supervising classroom teacher throughout the student teaching placement. EDS 550 is offered on a letter grade basis only.
Prerequisite(s):   Published University, College and Departmental requirements (see appropriate section of the most recent UK Bulletin) for admission to student teaching; admission to the Teacher Education Program or permission of instructor. Successful completion of all EDS Core Moderate/Severe Disabilities (MSD) and Learning and Behavior Disorders (LBD) Certification Area course work. EDS 550 is the final certification requirement in the special education teacher undergraduate program. Prior to entering this course, the special education major will have successfully completed all MSD and LBD Area and EDS CORE practica in a variety of learning environments serving the needs of children exhibiting moderate to severe intellectual or developmental disabilities and learning and behavior disorders.
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