The Rehabilitation Counseling Program contains two possible concentrations: Rehabilitation Counseling and Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling in Mental Health.

Program Accreditation

The Rehabilitation Counseling program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation and Counseling and Related Educational ProgramsĀ and approved by the Kentucky Council on Post-Secondary Education. Our most recent annual accreditation report can be found on the Public Performance Information page.

Mission Statement

Promote professional excellence through personal development and the highest academic standards as we work with our students, persons with disabilities, and our state and community partners in rehabilitation counseling to achieve equal rights, social justice, and quality of life for persons with disabilities in our community, in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, nationally, and globally.

The Rehabilitation Counseling Profession

Rehabilitation Counseling and Clinical Rehabilitation in Mental Health are challenging and rapidly growing areas of professional practice. Rehabilitation Counselors are professional counselors who specialize in assisting individuals who have disabilities or chronic illnesses in maximizing their personal, educational, and vocational potential and independence. Rehabilitation Counselors and Clinical Rehabilitation Counselors in Mental Health work with individuals with a variety of physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.

Rehabilitation Counselors and Clinical Mental Health Counselors demonstrate competencies in establishing counseling relationships; individual, group, and family counseling techniques; assessment procedures and instruments; medical and psychosocial aspects of disability and chronic illness; vocational counseling; mental health counseling and program planning, coordination, and evaluation; and counselors have an awareness of professional and community resources that can be utilized in the rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation and Clinical Mental Health Counselors are employed in a wide range of public and private rehabilitation settings including state and community rehabilitation and mental health agencies, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, schools and universities, and private businesses.