Program Overview

The Master’s in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Accelerated Distance Learning Program is an innovative online academic experience at the University of Kentucky to meet the unique learning needs of rehabilitation professionals.

The accelerated format is accomplished by dividing the traditional 16-week semester into two eight-week blocks. Each course’s instruction is condensed into an eight-week period. All coursework, with the exception of Practica and Internship is presented via asynchronous web-based instruction. Supervision for Practica and Internship is conducted via live compressed video and web-cam. Students receive quality instruction equivalent to the campus-based master’s program. The program can be completed in a 16-month time frame and is fully accessible to students with disabilities. An alternate part-time sequence of coursework is available which will allow the student to complete the program in three years.

Methods of Instruction

All courses are taught via Web instruction and video-conferencing (for counseling skill development and field work). Although the Distance Learning program is not taught in the conventional classroom manner, the coursework is equivalent in quality to the on campus program.

Courses are organized in a block schedule format. However, they do not need to be completed at a set time. The student has the entire week to “attend” and complete assignments for each class. Days in which the classes are “open and available” and when they will “close” will be announced. Each class has “virtual” class hours and the instructors are contacted via discussion boards, emails, and, if necessary, by telephone. Examples of class activities include:

  • PowerPoint Lectures
  • Threaded Discussions
  • Audio and Video Media


Each student will take the program in pre-established blocks. Most courses are taught in eight-week blocks. However, some courses are taught throughout the entire semester. The program is a total of 58 credit hours.

RC 520 Principles of Rehabilitation Counseling
RC 650 Rehabilitation Counseling Theory and Practice I
RC 515 Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability I
RC 558 Human Growth, Disability, & Development Across the Lifespan
RC 530 Cultural Diversity in Rehabilitation Counseling
RC 558 Crisis, Disaster, and Trauma Response for Persons With Disabilities
RC 610 Case Management in Rehabilitation Counseling
RC 516 Medical & Psychosocial Aspects of Disability II
RC 750 Rehabilitation Research & Program Evaluation
RC 660 Rehabilitation Counseling Theory and Practice II
RC 670 Group and Family Counseling
RC 680 Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
RC 640 Rehabilitation in Business & Industry
RC 558 Special Topics (Ethics, Psychopharmacology, or Rehabilitation Technology
RC 630 Placement Services & Techniques in Rehabilitation Counseling
RC 560 Transition, Supported Employment, and Independent Living
RC 710 Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling
RC 620 Vocational Evaluation & Work Adjustment
RC 720 Internship in Rehabilitation



(3 hour elective may be chosen from RC 540: Chemical Dependency, RC 558: Rural Rehabilitation, or RC 558: Disability Rights and Policies).

Program Length

The Masters Programs offered through the Accelerated Distance Learning Program are 60 credit hours. The entire program is designed to be completed within sixteen months. A total of 12 rehabilitation related credit hours can be transferred from other institutions with the approval of program faculty.

  • Each student will take the program in pre-established Blocks. Courses will be offered in eight-week blocks during the regular academic year.
  • A student who starts the sequence of courses in the Fall can complete the program the following Fall.
  • There will be one regular summer enrollment required.
  • Graduates will be eligible to sit for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) examination

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Tuition and Scholarship Information

Tuition for all students in the Accelerated Distance Learning Program is equal to University of Kentucky in-state graduate student tuition rates, which are highly competitive.

Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA-CSPD) Scholarship

The University of Kentucky Rehabilitation Counseling Distance Education program was recently awarded a five-year Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) grant from the Rehabilitation Services Administration. The purpose of this grant is to provide scholarships to currently employed state rehabilitation counselors to pursue a masters’ degree in Rehabilitation Counseling through our online program. To be considered for an RSA scholarship, the applicant must be recommended by their state agency (employer) and meet the Eligibility Guidelines outlined below.

The CSPD scholarships provide full or partial payment of tuition and a small stipend. In order to best utilize the scholarship funds, the University reserves the right to award partial scholarships with the expectation that matching funds will be contributed by the student’s employing agency. Receipt of these scholarship funds is predicated upon the expectation that after completing the training for which the scholarship was awarded the scholars will meet a number of requirements.


Referrals of students will be through state VR agency nomination. All scholarship students will be selected from current state-federal rehabilitation personnel based upon selection criteria that includes:

  • Grade Point Average
  • Length of employment in the state-federal rehabilitation system
  • Letters of recommendation (to include letters from current state agency supervisors)

Eligibility Guidelines for RSA-CSPD Scholarships

The following guidelines must be followed:

  1. Applicant must be recommended by their State Agency VR employer. The recommendation must be submitted to the program directly from the agency.
  2. Applicant must be considered a rehabilitation counselor based on the following Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) guidelines. RSA’s position on who is considered to be a rehabilitation counselor is anyone who does one or more of the following:
    1. Makes an eligibility determination
    2. Approves an IPE and any amendments to the IPE
    3. Makes the determination as to who is an individual with a significant disability
    4. Makes the determination as to who is an individual with a most significant disability
    5. Makes the determination, in consultation with the individual, of ineligibility
    6. Makes the determination, in consultation with the individual, that the record of service  of an individual who has achieved an employment outcome can be closed
  3. Applicant must complete an RSA Scholarship Application [PDF]
  4. Applicant must meet all university and program admission guidelines.
  5. Applicant must be admitted to the Graduate Program in Rehabilitation Counseling.

In order to obtain and maintain a scholarship, the scholar must additionally attend full time, follow the recommended sequence of coursework, maintain a 3.0 grade point average, and continue employment with the recommending state agency. The scholar must meet all “work pay-back” obligations outlined by the Rehabilitation Services Administration.

The RSA Scholarship Advisory Committee will be responsible for reviewing applications and making scholarship awards. Please be advised that we anticipate having more students interested in scholarship funds than we have funds available.