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Q&A with Dr. Allison Levine

photo of Dr. Allison Levine
Dr. Allison Levine

Q&A with Dr. Allison Levine, assistant professor of rehabilitation counseling in the University of Kentucky College of Education Department of Early Childhood, Special Education, and Rehabilitation Counseling.

What has been your best experience at UK?

My best experiences at UK have been the opportunity to attend two extremely interesting lectures by two important scholars: Robin DiAngelo and Trevor Noah. I have been inspired by Dr. DiAngelo for several years now, and the opportunity to attend her talk on White Fragility was very powerful. Trevor Noah coming to UK was also an amazing experience, and it was nice to see community members in attendance hear his take on higher education and some of the areas that we consider important in academia.

What is your favorite course to teach?

My favorite course to teach is Counseling Techniques. Every student gets the opportunity to role-play techniques and put themselves in a vulnerable space. This makes the students feel really close knit. It is amazing to watch students develop knowledge and skills over the semester.

Describe your research.

I study biases about disability. I am especially interested in the impact of implicit biases about disability on pre-service counselors and educators. I believe this is important because people with disabilities are often left out of conversations about diversity and inclusion. I believe that the underlying cause of this is unexplored bias. I believe by confronting implicit biases through education that we can improve the experiences of students and clients with disabilities.