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Research on Improving Math Performance

From the Office of Special Education Programs
Difficulties in math performance can be attributed to a combination of weak problem-solving and computational skills, such as basic operations involving fractions. Improving the skills of students with mathematics learning disabilities can be difficult. A research team led by Brian Bottge, Ed.D., William T. Bryan Endowed Chair in Special Education and professor in the Department of Early Childhood, Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling, developed and tested the efficacy of Enhanced Anchored Instruction (EAI), an approach that allows middle school students with math disabilities the opportunity to practice their skills as they solve new but similar math problems in applied and challenging contexts. The published findings from this research show that this approach improved middle school students’ fraction understanding, computation skills, and problem solving. To learn more about this project and hear the perspectives of participating students and the lead researchers, watch this video. Included in the video are Bottge and Linda Gassaway, Ed.D., research project manager. Visit the project website for additional information about the project and to access sample teacher lesson plans and student activities.