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IES-Funded Randomized Trials Underway

Dr. Brian Bottgeā€™s grant team is making final preparations for the first of two randomized studies that will test the effects of new interactive assessment tools called Anchored Instructional Measures (AIMs) on the computation performance of students with fractions. The primary goal of the project funded by the Institute of Educational Sciences (IES) is to find ways for reducing the most common procedural errors that students make when adding and subtracting fractions.

A total of 11 middle schools, 19 special education teachers, and 160 students with disabilities will participate. A pretest-posttest research design with switching replications will show whether the new assessments and the error analyses that accompany them help boost computational performance with fractions. This research design is particularly appropriate because all students have the benefit of the revised curricular materials. An embedded multiple case study will provide researchers with close-up descriptions of the teacher-student interactions. Over the next few weeks, Dr. Linda Gassaway will update teachers on how to use the new measures and error analyses.

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