The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Disability Studies will prepare you for a variety of careers where you can help make a difference and empower people. You will learn that empowerment comes through knowledge and understanding of various disabilities and the unique needs of individuals.

The program looks at the various aspects of a person’s life and environment. It focuses on empowerment of people with disabilities to live full lives. You will learn to facilitate the quality of life that people desire, such as independence and socioeconomic stability.

Why You Should Enroll

With this degree, you will have access to a steadily growing number of jobs in community and social services. Examples of job settings include:

  • Healthcare
  • Community-based agencies
  • Mental health agencies
  • Public schools
  • Social service settings
  • Higher education


Nationally recognized: The Interdisciplinary Disability Studies program draws from the UK College of Education’s nationally-recognized graduate program in Rehabilitation Counseling. The Rehabilitation Counseling program is ranked as a top-10 program by US News & World Report and includes the expertise of nationally-recognized faculty.

Prepare for graduate study: The program will not only professionally prepare you for your career, but also for eventual study in a master’s program in Rehabilitation Counseling or similar fields, if desired. The UK Rehabilitation Counseling program is a Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP) accredited program at the graduate level, allowing students access to certification and licensure.

Access to additional training and resources: You will have access to real-world experiences through a unique opportunity to complete a practicum during your undergraduate studies. Having experience at community agencies will afford you the opportunity to work directly with different populations, within a variety of situations, and to become proficient in applying coursework knowledge to practical experiences.

You can also earn a certificate in Universal Design through the UK Human Development Institute (HDI). This certificate provides additional knowledge about working with people with disabilities.

You will develop:

  • the ability to be an advocate for individuals with disabilities to receive high-quality services;
  • the ability to assist individuals with disabilities in developing their own resources and opportunities to meet their developmental, vocational, & educational needs;
  • knowledge and understanding of various disabilities and unique needs of individuals;
  • knowledge of how disability impacts individuals across the lifespan;
  • skills for helping individuals navigate their disability within the contexts of their culture, community, sociopolitical environment, family, and more;
  • the ability to help individuals with disability approach issues related to coping, adjustment, and acceptance of their disability.

Though the primary focus is on disability services, the curriculum provides a holistic understanding of the person from various perspectives, including: Social Work, Gerontology, Sociology, Counseling Psychology, Anthropology, Special Education, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Early Childhood.

Program Details

Delivery Method: On-campus

Credit Hours: 120

Time to Completion: Refer to the Curriculum Guide in the following section for the courses needed to complete this program.

Tuition Cost: Refer to Full-time per Credit Hour Rates for Undergraduate Students on the UK Tuition and Mandatory Fees page.

Refund Policies: You can find tuition refund policies, deadlines, amounts, and other important information on the UK Student Account Services website.

Curriculum Guide

Year One

Fall (16 credit hours)

  • *UK CORE (Intellectual Inquiry Humanities) – PSY 100 (4)
  • UK CORE (Quantitative Reasoning Quantitative Foundations) (3)
  • UK CORE (Composition and Communication Composition and Communication I) (3)
  • EPE 174: Theories of College Student Success (3)
  • *SW 124: Introduction to Social Services (3)
Spring (15 credit hours)

  • UK CORE (Intellectual Inquiry Arts and Creativity) (3)
  • UK CORE (Composition and Communication Composition and Communication II) (3)
  • UK CORE (Quantitative Reasoning Statistical Inferential Reasoning) (3)
  • *EDP 202: Human Development and Learning (3)
  • *CED 225: Introduction to Disability (3)

Year Two

Fall (15 credit hours)

  • UK CORE (Intellectual Inquiry Social Sciences) (3)
  • UK CORE (Citizenship Global Dynamics) (3)
  • CED 250: Disability and Society (3)
  • *PSY 223: Developmental Psychology (3)
  • Free Elective (3)
Spring (15 credit hours)

  • UK CORE (Intellectual Inquiry Natural/Physical/Mathematical) (3)
  • *CED 300: Disability Across the Lifespan (3)
  • UK CORE (Citizenship Community, Culture and Citizenship in the USA) (3)
  • GRN 250: Aging in Today’s World (3)
  • SW 325: Social Justice Foundations (3)

Year Three

Fall (15 credit hours)

  • EDS 375: Introduction to Education of Exceptional Children (3)
  • CPH 350: Introduction to Health Care Organization and Policy (3)
  • PHI 305: Health Care Ethics (3)
  • Intersectional Elective I (3)
  • Concentration Elective I (3)
Spring (15 credit hours)

  • CED 350: Disability Case Management (3)
  • CED 560: Supported Employment, Independent Living, and Transition (3)
  • EDS 546: Transdisciplinary Services for Students with Disabilities: Transition (3)
  • Concentration Elective II (3)
  • Intersectional Elective II (3)

Year Four

Fall (15 credit hours)

  • CED 410: Helping Skills (3)
  • Free Elective (3)
  • Intersectional Elective III (3)
  • Concentration Elective III (3)
  • CED 510: Orientation to Disability
    and Community Resources (3)
Spring (14 credit hours)

  • Concentration Elective IV (3)
  • CED 425: Introduction to Trauma (3)
  • Free Elective (3)
  • CED 430: Practicum (5)

*Pre-major coursework – required prior to being admitted into upper division status


I'm Ready to Apply


Feel free to contact Dr. Travis Andrews with any questions you might have regarding this program. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Disability Studies Program, Clinical Assistant Professor
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