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    • Feb
A recent study in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence by Drs. Sycarah Fisher and Kenneth Tyler, and collaborators Dr. Jennifer Reynolds (The University of Toledo), Dr. Wei-Wen Hsu (Kansas State University) and Dr. Jessica Barnes (Michigan State University), investigated the mental health of multiracial high school youth in diverse schools. The findings indicate multiracial youth still exploring their identity...
    • 05
    • Feb

Making the (meaningful) grade

An article titled "The Participation Grade" by Dr. Thomas Guskey, and co-authors Jay McTighe and Ken O'Connor, was published in the December issue of ASCD Express (Vol. 10, No. 7, pp. 1-2). The article describes how many college instructors distort course grades by giving students credit for "class participation" and "regular attendance," then outlines procedures for making grades more accurate...
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    • Feb
Dr. Fred Danner recently consulted with a team of middle school students, the “Golden Gears,” that is competing in a national robot design challenge. As part of their project, the students are also designing an app to encourage teens to improve their sleep habits. “Our project is to improve the way teens sleep,” team members wrote when describing the project. “We...
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National Academies has invited Dr. Danelle Stevens-Watkins to serve as a Ford Foundation Fellowship Program psychology panelist for the 2015 program year. The fellowships help promote the career development of highly qualified students who will contribute to diversity in higher...
    • 28
    • Jan
Dr. Tom Prout (emeritus faculty, School Psychology) and Dr. Alicia Fedewa (Associate Professor, School Psychology) have co-edited a textbook that was just released by Wiley. Counseling and Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents: Theory and Practice for School and Clinical Settings is in its 5th edition, which means it is a staple in the youth counseling/psychotherapy training area. From Wiley: Counseling and Psychotherapy with...