EDP 545, Psychology of the Black Experience, is an elective course in the Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology and is cross-listed with the Africana Studies program and Psychology department. It is designed to offer enrolled undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to survey, explore, and critique classic and contemporary theories and research articulating the psychologies that inform both social and academic experiences and observed behaviors of Black people. While there are multiple objectives for this upper-level undergraduate and graduate-level seminar course, one central objective for the course is to expose all students to literature and research pertaining to the Black experience in the United States in an effort to develop and refine ideas and mindsets that will foster and reflect innovate ways of thinking about how to enhance the life experiences of Black persons. That is, in the course, the primary objective is to have the course material and critical discourse influence your thinking about and actions towards or on behalf of Black persons.
Prerequisite(s):   PSY 100 or AAS 200 or consent of the instructor.
(Same as AAS 545.)
Syllabi (Requires Link Blue/MyUK credentials)
Spring 2018
  Section 001 - Kenneth Maurice Tyler (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
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