This course is designed to meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Education for a course in theory and principles of social psychology. The course will cover the basic concepts and theories in social psychology. The theories of attitude formation, group dynamics, and biases will be surveyed, with an application to the professional fields of psychology. In addition to the theories and principles of social psychology, research paradigms, social change, social influence, system consultation, and community issues as they relate to social psychological considerations will be addressed.
Prerequisite(s):   Undergraduate-level: One course in psychology or consent of instructor. Graduate-level: None.
Syllabi (Requires Link Blue/MyUK credentials)
Summer 2019
  Section 210 - Alicia Fedewa (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  Section 211 - Alicia Fedewa (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Spring 2018
  Section 201 - Alicia Fedewa (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
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