EDP 303   Teaching Exceptional Learners in the Elementary Classroom   (2 hours)
This course is designed to introduce students to issues related to classroom instruction to meet the needs of ALL students. We will examine the concept of the \u201cleast restrictive environment\u201d (LRE) for learners and will discuss a variety of individual and group differences and exceptionalities, including various disabilities, giftedness, multicultural and diversity issues that teachers encounter in the regular classroom. The emphasis will be on understanding the needs and abilities of exceptional learners in order to make appropriate, reflective decisions about their instruction.
Prerequisite(s):   Admission to the Elementary Teacher Education Program and successful completion of EDP 202, or an equivalent.
Syllabi (Requires Link Blue/MyUK credentials)
Fall 2018
  Section 001 - Rachel Jacob (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  Section 002 - Rachel Jacob (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Spring 2018
  Section 001 - Olivia Gipson (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  Section 002 - Olivia Gipson (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Spring 2017
  Section 001 - Abbey Love (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  Section 002 - Abbey Love (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Fall 2016
  Section 001 - Abigail Love (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  Section 002 - Abigail Love (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Fall 2015
  Section 001 - Laura Page (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  Section 002 - Laura Page (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
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