The Applied Psychometric Strategies (APS) lab was directed by Dr. Michael Toland until Spring of 2020, when he took an administrative position at another university.  This website is in the process of being shut down.  Until the contents of the Events and Resources webpages are relocated to an external website, the Events and Resources webpages will continue to stay temporarily operational, as they contain content that is useful to people interested in psychometrics.  However, website visitors who access these webpages must understand that the materials on these APS webpages are no longer being monitored or curated, and EDP Department faculty are not in a position to answer questions or fulfill requests related to this content.  Therefore, please utilize the content at your own risk.

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Quantitative and Psychometric Resources

Bifactor Indices Calculator – (Excel)

This tool calculates ancillary indices for bifactor models (e.g., ECV, IECV, PUC, Omega, OmegaH, Relative Omega, H, Absolute Relative Bias, FD).

How to cite this tool:

Dueber, D. M. (2017). Bifactor Indices Calculator: A Microsoft Excel-based tool to calculate various indices relevant to bifactor CFA models. [Available at]

How to create path diagrams in PowerPoint

This video shows you how to create a CFA path diagram in PowerPoint which could be used for presentations or possibly for publications.