The Applied Psychometric Strategies (APS) lab, directed by Dr. Michael Toland, aims to conduct research on psychometric problems encountered in educational psychology and related fields and share developments in psychometrics that can be used to advance measurement in applied and research settings. The APS lab also aims to include social justice into the development, evaluation, and dissemination of psychometric projects. The APS Lab is home to researchers from a diverse range of social identities and research interests, who hope to collectively explore the psychometric properties of existing measures used with underrepresented groups and to develop instruments to serve the needs of people from marginalized communities.

Students working in the APS lab receive training that is consistent with best practices in psychometrics and standards for educational and psychological testing (American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education, 2014).

Current research being conducted by members of the APS lab members includes:

  • Evaluating measurement error correction techniques
  • Demystifying positive and negative phrasing effects
  • Review of reliability and validity evidence for commonly used scales with marginalized groups
  • Accuracy of limited information goodness of fit statistics

More information on these projects and others can be found on our Research & Projects page or by emailing Dr. Toland.

We welcome questions regarding our research and how we might collaborate with you and your team. Below is a list of consultation services we could provide or do in collaboration:

  • design and development of a research plan for psychometric and/or quantitative purposes
  • psychometric and statistical analyses
  • interpretation and presentation of psychometric and statistical findings

Please contact the APS Lab Director, Dr. Michael Toland (, for more information or to discuss a possible collaboration. We are always open to new ideas and adventures!