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Dr. Fedewa arrives in Finland

Dr. Alicia Fedewa (School Psychology) is in Finland for the Spring 2020 semester completing a Fulbright Project with #FulbrightFin entitled “The Intersection of Physical Activity and Education: Optimizing Global Learning Through a Finnish Blueprint.” She is working with the LIKES Research Institute and local schools to understand how teachers, school psychologists, and administrators integrate physical activity throughout the school day to promote healthier students and better learners.

Fulbright Finland grantees and their families gather at a park in Helsinki, Finland, as part of their orientation to Finland culture.” (Dr. Fedewa is front row second-from-right)
Alicia Fedewa and other Fulbright grantees with their families are pictured here in the Helsinki library
Fulbright Finland fellows gathered at the US Embassy to meet Fulbright Alumni and the US Ambassador to Finland.” (Dr. Fedewa pictured on far left)