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December FRED Talk – Life After the Psychology PhD

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Hello EDP Family,

Our final FRED Talk for the fall 2018 semester is upon us. Please come join us on Tuesday, December 4, from 12-1 pm in Dickey Hall 205 (Stilwell Suite) to learn about Life After the Psychology PhD.

The session will open with name introductions and the two driving questions for the session include:
  1. What have you been doing/what’s your occupation now and relevant information (i.e., number of years, employer, etc)?
  2. What should PhD students begin thinking about now in terms of their own preparation for an academic and/or clinician-practitioner based career?

Our esteemed panel includes:
Dr. Christina Jordan
Dr. Shambra Mulder
Dr. Narmada Paul
Dr. Clarissa Roan-Belle
Dr. Joanne Rojas