M.Ed. or Ed.S. in Teacher Leadership

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Program Overview

The Teacher Leadership Program is fully online and approved by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) to recommend addition of Teacher Leader Endorsement to a valid Kentucky Professional Certificate for Teaching and rank change after successful completion of the 30-credit graduate-degree program.

Master of Education (MEd) → Rank 2 (30 graduate credits beyond Bachelor’s degree)
Specialist in Education (EdS) → Rank 1 (60 graduate credits beyond Bachelor’s degree)

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The Teacher Leadership Program provides personalized leadership development balanced with peer networking and collegial support through participation in a learning cohort. The curricular content, learning activities, field-based experiences, and professional reflections provide specialized leadership development that teachers can use in their classrooms or as leaders in schools, districts, and the wider context of education while serving as

  • Change agent
  • Classroom supporter
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Data coach
  • Department chair or team leader
  • Instructional coach
  • Peer mentor
  • Resource provider
  • School leader

Future Career Options

The Teacher Leadership Program not only prepares teachers to assume diverse leadership roles and functions, but also provides knowledge and skill development for teacher leaders who may decide in the future to become educational administrators or complete a doctoral degree program. For individuals planning to further their professional development through advanced studies are strongly encouraged to take a graduate-level course in statistics as one of the five electives in this program.

MEd or EdS Degree Program (30 credits)

Both degree programs require successful completion of the five required core courses (15 credits) and five planned electives (15 credits) and successful defense of capstone project during oral examination. Below is a description of the two types of courses in the program.

Required Core Courses (15 credits)

Recommendation for Teacher Leader Endorsement requires completion of the five core courses listed below (15 credits). Most components of the continuous assessment plan (e.g., self-assessments of professional standards, classroom observations, action research project, leadership practicum) are completed while taking these five courses.

  • ELS 600 Leadership in Learning-Centered Schools [Fall Y1]
  • ELS 604 Leadership in Professional Learning Communities [Spring Y1]
  • ELS 620 Leading Action Research for School Renewal I [Summer Y1]
  • ELS 621 Leading Action Research for School Renewal II [Fall Y2]
  • ELS 624 Leadership Practicum: Monitoring Learning, Assessment, and Accountability [Spring Y2]

Suggested Electives (15 credits)

With guidance from the Teacher Leadership Program Chair, each candidate carefully selects five electives to address specific needs identified in her or his professional growth plan—thus personalizing the program for each participant. Listed below are some suggested electives.

Alternately, a candidate may also select courses related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, or research offered by other department in the UK College of Education. These five planned electives collectively create a specialization area intended to enhance a teacher’s professional practice.

Program Admission

Graduates of this Teacher Leadership Program are expected to engage actively in instructional leadership through both formal and informal teacher-leader roles in their schools, districts, and the broader education system. Thus, applicants must be experienced P12 teachers or other educational practitioners who meet the following requirements:

  • Achieved a cumulative 3.0 or higher GPA on all previous postsecondary coursework
  • Hold valid P12 teacher certification
  • Demonstrate the attributes of a highly effective teacher as defined by EPSB.
  • Are recommended by supervisor or principal who attests to applicant’s success as a classroom teacher and as potential teacher leader
  • Aspire to serve as teacher leaders in schools, districts, and other settings

Application Documents

A complete application file to the Teacher Leadership Program includes the following documents that you, the applicant, are responsible for submitting. Your application file will not be reviewed until all information has been received.

  1. UK Application for Admission (MEd or EdS—Teacher Leadership Program)
  2. Official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions you attended.
  3. Professional Resume (limited to 2 pages) that provides your name and contact information as well as postsecondary education (all degrees, years awarded, institution names, emphasis area), relevant work experiences (beginning with current employment), education certifications, and professional memberships.
  4. Copy of valid Kentucky Professional Certificate for Teaching.
  5. A Personal Statement in the form of a Professional Essay (3-5 double-spaced pages, word-processed in either Times New Roman 12-point or Ariel 10-point, page numbers and your name in upper right corner). If you cite literature/resources to support your comments, adhere to the academic writing guidelines provided in 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
    • Part I: Provide background about your experiences as an educational leader and share how these experiences have prompted you to enroll in a graduate program in educational leadership studies. Share your career aspirations and explain how completing an EDL program will assist you in achieving your professional goals.
    • Part II: Articulate your beliefs, perceptions, and reflections about each of the following four themes related to effective educational leadership: (a) a vision of success, (b) a focus on learning and teaching, (c) an engagement of all stakeholders, and (d) a demonstration of ethical practice.
  6. Writing Sample in the form of a Professional Reflection (3-5 double-spaced pages, word-processed in either Times New Roman 12-point or Ariel 10-point, page numbers and your name in upper right corner). Describe how your classroom evidences the components of highly effective teaching and learning (i.e., learning climate, classroom assessment and reflection, instructional rigor and student engagement, instructional relevance, knowledge of content). If you cite literature or resources to support your comments, then you must adhere to the academic writing guidelines provided in 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
  7. Four references including one by your principal or department chair.

Delivery Options

The Teacher Leadership Program is designed to engage candidates not only as individuals with personalized professional goals, but also as members of working educational communities at the school and district levels and as lead teachers among their colleagues. Due to the diversity of program electives selected by candidates to meet their unique professional development needs, the program has two delivery options:

  • Blended learning (face-to-face and online) for individualized course electives
  • Online with planned electives selected from Department of Educational Leadership Studies

Program Faculty
Dr. Justin Bathon
Professor Lars Bjork
Professor Tricia Browne-Ferrigno
Dr. Maria Cahill
Dr. Amanda Ellis
Dr. Wayne Lewis
Dr. John Nash
Dr. Marti Quintero
Dr. Jayson Richardson
Professor Beth Rous
Dr. Anna Marie Tracy