Teacher Leadership with School Technology Leadership Specialization

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Program Overview

Our Teacher Leadership Program is approved by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) to recommend Teacher Leader Endorsement to existing Kentucky teacher certification and rank change after completion of the 30-credit graduate-degree program (MEd → Rank 2, EdS →Rank 1). The program is designed to provide practicing teachers with specialized leadership development they can use in their classrooms and as leaders in schools, districts, and the wider context of education.

Under this option, individuals are admitted to the Teacher Leadership Program as M.Ed. or Ed.S. candidates. Those who successfully complete the five core Teacher Leader Endorsement courses (15 credits) listed below and all other program requirements are recommended to the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) to receive a Kentucky Teacher Leader Endorsement.

Core Courses

  • ELS 600, Learning-Centered Schools (3 credits)
  • ELS 604, Leadership in Professional Learning Communities (3 credits)
  • ELS 620, Leading Action Research for School Renewal I (3 credits)
  • ELS 621, Leading Action Research for School Renewal II (3 credits)
  • ELS 624, Leadership for Monitoring Learning: Practicum (3 credits)

Students may enroll in five School Technology Leadership courses (15 credits) as planned electives within the Teacher Leadership Program. Upon completion of these five elective courses, a candidate is eligible to receive a Graduate Certificate in School Technology Leadership from the University of Kentucky. The award of a UK Graduate Certificate does not result in any additional changes to Kentucky teacher certification.

School Technology Leadership Planned Electives

  • EDL 661, School Technology Leadership (3 credits)
  • EDL 662, Digital Age Learning and Technology Leadership (3 credits)
  • EDL 650, School Program Improvement (3 credits)
  • EDL 664, Technology Leadership and School Improvement (3 credits)
  • EDL 665, School Technology Leadership for Digital Citizenship (3 credits)


Professor Tricia Browne-Ferrigno
Program Chair, Teacher Leadership