Family Resource and Youth Services Center Program

FRYSC Program Curriculum

The Family Resource and Youth Services Center Program is a specially designed curriculum in collaboration with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services for current staff members.

Both the M.Ed. and Ed.S. programs require successful completion of 30 credit hours of graduate coursework. Upon admission to the program, the student will be assigned an advisory chair. The student must meet with her or his advisory chair during the first semester to develop an individualized Curriculum Contract that will be reviewed annually and updated as needed.

Courses included on the FRYSC curriculum contract constitute a leadership core and an evaluation/action research core. Courses include:

Leadership Core (15 hours)
ELS 616 Leadership for School as Inclusive Community (3 hours).
EDL 646 Leadership for School-Family-Community Partnerships (3 hours).
ELS 608 School Law and Governance for Teachers (3 hours)
EDL 628: School Law & Ethics (3 hours)
EDL 625: School Safety and Discipline (3 hours)

Evaluation and Action Research (9 credit hours)
ELS 620 Leading Action Research for School Renewal I (3 hours)
ELS 621 Leading Action Research for School Renewal II (3 hours)
EPE 557/EDP 557 Gathering, Analyzing, and Using Educational Data (3 hours)

Approved Electives (6 credit hours)

Oral examination. The summative assessment for the MEd and EdS programs is defense of a completed action research paper during a formal oral examination conducted by candidate’s advisory committee. Students will select an assignment from coursework they have completed that includes an action research component and work with their committee to revise and expand the paper for the oral examination process.

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