photo of Dr. Jayson Richardson
Welcome from Dr. Jayson Richardson!
Dr. Richardson is the Program Chair for EDL’s doctoral programs. He can field your questions about the Ph.D. and Ed.D. Jump here for our Ed.D. or here for our Ph.D. to learn more. Or click here to let us send the latest information on this program directly to your inbox.

Program Description

Educational organizations are becoming increasingly complex. This increased complexity is the result of globalization, changing US and world economies, increased standards and accountability measures, reduced budgets, and the rapid infusion of new technologies.

Effective leaders in these organizations play a critical role in developing capacity in their organizations, and creating strong, successful programs and services.

Features. Many of the core Educational Leadership Courses are designed to support full-time working professionals. Our Executive EdD is offered online, allowing Executive EdD students to attend from anywhere.  PhD admissions are limited to students who can complete the program in a hybrid format, meaning they would have to be able to come to Lexington from time to time (all dependent on which classes they are enrolled in). 

NOTE: Our doctoral programs do not lead to rank change for Kentucky educators.

Program Faculty

Dr. Beth Rous
Dr. Wayne Lewis
Dr. Tricia Browne-Ferrigno
Dr. John Nash
Dr. Lars Bjork