Academics: 2015 and Previous EdD Cohorts (only)

You will work with your advisory chair during the first semester to develop a program plan based on your needs and goals. It will be reviewed regularly and updated as needed.

You will take eleven (10) required courses and three (4) elective courses based on your specialty area (this totals around 42 credit hours of post-master’s graduate coursework, not including dissertation residency).

You will also complete at least four credit hours of dissertation residency (EDL 767).


Leadership Core Research Method Core Electives
21 hours 12 hours 9 hours
  • EDL 700: Knowledge Base
  • EDL 701: Leadership in Educational Organizations 1
  • EDL 702: Leadership for Organizational Learning
  • EDL 703: Leading Organizational Change
  • EDL 571: Design Thinking in Education
  • EDL 634: Securing and Developing School Staff
  • EDL 669: Leadership for Creative Problem Solving
  • EDL 751: Foundations of Inquiry
  • ELS 620: Introduction to Action Research
  • EDL 771: Seminar in Educational Leadership: Action Research I
  • EDL 771: Seminar in Educational Leadership: Action Research II
  • EDL 704: Politics of Educational Leadership (recommended elective for Ed.D. students)
  • Electives can be taken within or outside the Department of Educational Leadership Studies.
  • You should get approval for electives from your advisory chair (our department’s director of graduate studies) or your dissertation chair prior to enrollment in a course.


Program Pathway

Year 1




You’re a doc student!

  • EDL 700
  • EDL 751

Take two courses.

  • EDL 701
  • Enroll in your first elective

No summertime blues!

  • EDL 703
  • Enroll in your second elective
Year 2




Select your major advisor and choose an elective.

  • EDL 702
  • Enroll in your third elective
  • Select your advisor and committee members.

Spring forward!

  • EDL 669
  • EDL 571
  • Hold your program planning meeting.

Start your research!

  • ELS 620
  • EDL 634
Year 3




Continue your research.

  • EDL 771: Action Research I
  • Hold your prospectus meeting.

Take your last class!

  • EDL 771: Action Research (must have completed 42 hours of coursework).

You’re a doctoral candidate!

  • You are eligible to take your qualifying exam. No required classes, just your dissertation.
Year 4



Just keep writing…just keep writing…

  • Enroll in EDL 767 every fall and spring semester until you are done with your dissertation.

Defend your dissertation.

  • EDL 767
  • You are (potentially) done! Be sure to complete all required forms with the graduate school.