photo of Ellie Holliday

Ellie Holliday

Ellie is a Lecturer in the University of Kentucky College of Education Department of Curriculum & Instruction and serves as the college’s Coordinator of International Partnerships. She earned her M.A. in Diplomacy and International Commerce from the Patterson School at UK in 2014 and began Ph.D. studies with EDL in Fall 2019. Her research interests include international education, internationalization, study abroad, and infusion of global competency into the curriculum of educator preparation programs and K-12 schools.

photo of James Hall

James Hall

Born in Memphis, TN. Currently live in Lexington, KY and married. B.S. in Biology and M.A. in Wellness. 2019 Morehead State University KHIS Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year. A Kentucky Colonel member. 2008 Natural Athlete Strength Association Hall of Famer. Research Analyst for U. of KY Center for Tobacco and Reference Products and a Personal Trainer for Elite U Fitness Center. The #1 Drug free bench presser in Kentucky: 562 bench press in the 220 class. On the cover of PLUSA the Magazine. Written articles for Monster Muscle the Mag and Powerlifting USA the Magazine. Co-author of two published research articles. A member of Omega Force Strength Team. Invited guess speaker for the UK Dr. Martin Luther King Center to talk on Wellness. Sponsored by Inzer Advance Designs. Favorite saying: It’s not how you start, but how you finish. Program: Ed.D. My research interest revolves around education and health disparities. It is my working hypothesis that a lack and/or absence of education can lead to negative health issues, revealing deep links between access to education and physical well-being. Access to education can help reduce poverty, change lives, improve financial crisis, improve overall wellness and reduce nutrition deficiency. By helping to equip communities with the access to education and knowledge about wellness, people’s lives can be improved and forever changed.

Bruce Haupt Jr.

Bruce is in the Ph.D. program at EDL and started in Fall 2016. His research is a mixed methods study of how new competency-based education practices spread across postsecondary institutions. He is primarily using social network analysis theories and methods, and in focus are knowledge transfer via inter-organizational relationships, and the role of network organizations in scaling change. He is fortunate that the project is supported by the American Institutes for Research with funding from the Lumina Foundation. Outside of school, Bruce and his wife live in Oman where they have two tiny kiddos (3 and 1), one dog, and two cats. The kids don’t care about APA formatting or PhD program milestones.

photo of Daniel Wolford

Daniel Wolford

Dan Wolford is a first-year Ph.D. student in Educational Leadership. His research interests include the potential for community-based school systems to uplift historically oppressed communities. Dan is a world history teacher and Assistant Director of Academic Engagement at Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School in Detroit, Michigan. He creates student-driven learning experiences that elevate student voices. He engineers educational systems centered around student expression, creativity, and high performance, such as his extracurricular hip-hop program Lyrical Crusaders. He received his Bachelor’s in Social Studies Education and his Master’s in Curriculum from Michigan State University.

photo of Tony Barrett

Tony Barrett

Tony is in the Ph.D. track in the Educational Leadership department and this is his 4th year in the program. At the moment, he is working on his dissertation with a focus on leadership storytelling practices of rural public school superintendents in the Appalachian region. He lives in Georgia and teaches Spanish and French for Cherokee County School District in metro Atlanta. His research interests include the school superintendency, the principalship, teacher attrition, education policy, innovation and change, public relations in school leadership, and teacher education. He enjoys golf and fishing when he is not teaching or working on his dissertation.

photo of David Lucian

David Lucian

I currently live in Connecticut, where I teach computer technology in a K-8 school in Waterbury. Working in an inner city school district has heightened my interest on fixing the achievement gap that exist between urban and suburban schools. Using technology daily, I see the importance of using up to date computers and software that will best help our students thrive. Providing such a learning environment can be the challenging part and is a focus of mine that I would one day love to improve in districts like the one I am currently working in.

photo of Catherine Vannatter

Catherine Vannatter

Catherine completed a B.A. in English from Transylvania University, M.A. in anthropology from the University of Kentucky, and M.A.T. in curriculum and instruction from Eastern Kentucky University. She works for Fayette County Public Schools as an administrator, holding the following certifications: teaching English 8 – 12, P – 12 Literacy Specialist, P – 12 English as a Second Language instructor, Principal – Level 2, and National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Catherine pursues research interests including how supports for English Learners and federal, state, and local education policies can work toward achieving social justice.

photo of George Grant

George Grant

I am very grateful to be apart of this 2020 cohort as a Ed.D. student. I hope to bring a unique set of skills and experiences to this talented group of individuals. I have a background in plant production for field, greenhouse, and controlled environment systems. My responsibility is to help edible and ornamental growers and public institutions across the country implement modern agricultural/horticultural practices. This position allows me to interact with a myriad of demographics and educational backgrounds.

Growers rely on education from external sources to make progressive decisions/investments in their operations and to solve daily issues. Originally, land-grant universities set up extension services to directly assist their communities in this way. My goal is to determine what forms of technology extension agents, growers, and university faculty are currently using to gather and disseminate information to each other and how this interaction has evolved over the past decades. I would like to identify current barriers growers and extension agents/educators (within the agricultural field) face when trying to implement technology-based communication tools to determine issues and resolve them. With this information, we can more efficiently determine major knowledge gaps plant producers are facing as well as better prepare our extension agents and students interested in becoming agricultural extension agents/academics to be more effective educators.

Aside from my passion for agricultural education, I enjoy camping and fishing whenever possible with my Australian Shepherd (“Bear”). I am currently residing in Pennsylvania, where the trout fishing is phenomenal. I originally grew up in the southeast and have degrees in horticulture from other SEC schools. Together, I hope we can seek out the light, grow to new heights, and achieve the fruit of knowledge.

photo of Bryley Murphy

Bryley Murphy

I am a math teacher at Randall Cooper HS in Boone County, Kentucky. I am pursuing an Ed.D in Educational Leadership with an interest in organizational culture and identity. I earned my B.S. in education from UK and it is great to be back for my graduate work.

photo of Brian Hamilton

Brian Hamilton

Brian Hamilton currently serves at the Assistant Director for the University of Kentucky’s Center for Graduate and Professional Diversity Initiatives. He completed undergrad at the University of Missouri where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and later earned his Master of Education in College Student Personnel from the University of Louisville. Before joining the University of Kentucky and CGPDI team, Brian served as the Senior Multicultural Admissions Counselor at Hanover College.

photo of Christopher Hayden

Christopher Hayden, IV

Education is a fascinating area of study for so many reasons including its importance to society, rich history and diversity of thought and approaches. Opportunities for social enterprise and innovation make it one of the most exciting fields to be a part of. Originally from Southern California, I have been living abroad in Indonesia for the past ten years, teaching and leading at International Baccalaureate (IB) schools. I have a Masters in Education from San Diego State University and am currently interested in developing machine learning approaches to decision-making in education and also skills-based education, service-learning, student agency building and technology integration in general. I believe the biggest calling for us in the field of education today is to develop exponential solutions in response to disruptions of digital and economic landscapes.

photo of Sara Hendricks

Sara Hendricks

I am currently living and teaching at an international University in Japan (Asia Pacific University – Ritsumeikan). I teach English language full-time and like spending time with my husband and three kids. I also like paddle boarding, listening to podcasts, and researching equality in the classroom.

photo of Janae Mobley

Janae Mobley

Currently an Assistant Principal at Noblesville High School in Indiana over Seniors, Counseling, Safety, Testing, MTSS, Diversity, and our Alternative School.

photo of Ian MacPhail

Ian MacPhail

I am currently the History Department chair at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School in Waltham, MA. I coach lacrosse and soccer here, and I’m in charge of the boys dormitory. I’ve been teaching since 2011 and I hope to someday run an independent school, teach education at the collegiate level, or both.

photo of Brian Noll

Brian Noll

Brian Noll is currently the assistant principal of the Ignite Institute, a Career Tech school serving 3 districts in Northern Kentucky. Mr. Noll previously earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics Education and a Masters of Education from Northern Kentucky University. Currently he is pursuing his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.

Mr. Noll resides in Northern Kentucky with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys traveling with his family, playing soccer, and being active.

photo of Chavis Sims

Chavis Sims

I am in the Ed.D program and I am from Hickory, North Carolina. I am currently entering my second year in school administration as an assistant principal at a large, diverse elementary school. I am interested in researching the impact of culturally relevant curriculum in the lives of ethnically heterogeneous student populations.

photo of Chris Hall

Chris Hall

I am a retired professional fighter and in 1995 I fought the heavyweight championship of the world. In 2009 I was honored to be inducted into the Martial Art Hall of Fame.

Presently, I am the Director of Database Technology and manage a team of highly experienced database administrators specializing in high-end, high-visibility databases. Published author on SQL Server performance improvement and monitoring and you can check out my book about database environments in crisis:

I current enjoy competitive powerlifting and have 3 state records.

photo of Shelby Daeschner

Shelby Daeschner

I am currently in the Ph.D. program for Educational Leadership. I am also working towards completing the Principal Certification Program as well. I live in Louisville, KY and teach high school biology. My research interests revolve around professional development and improving instructional strategies. The more I research and learn, the more excited I become to hopefully help shape the future of education!

photo of Lafton Benton

Lafon Benton

I was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky and have been in education for 21 years. I taught high school English and history for 12 years, and have been an Assistant Principal at Dixie Heights High School in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky for the past 9. I am married and have two children, and am very excited to be part of this program and continue in my professional growth and learning!

photo of April Stanley

April Stanley

My name is April and I am Momma to four who currently resides in Nicholasville, though I am originally from Pikeville. I graduated from the University of Pikeville (Pikeville College back in my day) with a BA in History and Political Science with intentions of teaching high school history/government courses. Life happened and I landed here in Central Kentucky eventually attending UK to earn a Masters in Higher Education focusing on Policy Evaluation in August of 2019. At the time I worked for KCTCS. I currently work for the Kentucky Department of Education as Program Consultant working with alternative programs across the state. I was accepted into the Educational Leadership Ed.D program earlier this year and though I am nervous I am also excited to learn and grow as an educational professional. My research interests truly lie back in higher-education as I am sure my career will take me back to someday. Much of my master’s work focused on remedial education and performance-based funding. I am also interested in inclusion/diversity initiatives, Appalachian education, and quality standards across all of education. I look forward to meeting everyone and working together in this exciting program.

photo of Shary Marshall

Shary Marshall

Shary Lyssy Marshall currently serves as deputy head of school at the Bavarian International School in Munich, Germany and is in her second year of the Ed.D. program. She has held a variety of leadership and educational roles in international schools in China, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Czechia, Israel and the US, including a stint in higher education at the University of Vermont and as a freelance journalist in Florida. Her research interests include organizational culture and positivity, Kagan’s Theory of Adult Development, Heifetz’ technical/adaptive model and the intersection of teacher and student agency, well-being, and motivation.

photo of Jane Walsh

Jane Walsh

Jane Walsh is pursuing a PhD. in Educational Leadership Studies. She is from a suburb of Chicago and currently living in Charlotte, N.C. with her family. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Florida State University and master’s degrees in Teaching and Biology from UNC Charlotte. Jane taught high school chemistry for several years, and most recently assisted in teaching undergraduate biology classes. During that time she developed virtual laboratory activities to complement the lecture material. Her current research interests include leadership’s role in the willingness and readiness of teachers to use technology and project-based learning methods in their classrooms.

Image coming soon!

Stacey Love

Stacey is an experienced higher education professional that has spent the last two decades building bridges to K-12 education while concentrating on the recruitment and retention of students, faculty, and staff. She is passionate about collaboration, team-building, improving and developing community partnerships, and identifying barriers that prohibit college access for historically underrepresented populations. Stacey is in the Ph.D. program and her research interests include taking a deep dive into the systemic barriers that prohibit the transition between secondary and post-secondary education and how those obstacles impact student retention and graduation. Stacey currently serves as Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Outreach and Student Success at John Carroll University (OH). She resides in University Heights, Ohio with her husband, son, and fluffy kitty.

photo of Eleni Filippatos

Eleni Filippatos

Eleni Filippatos is a student in the Ph.D. in Educational Leadership program. She is a third grade ENL teacher at New York City Public School 8 in Manhattan. She believes in advocating for all learners and seeking equity and social justice in education. Eleni’s research interests include racial segregation in schools, school choice policies, and equitable access for marginalized populations. She is particularly interested in studying the role of elementary school leaders in supporting English Learners and their families in New York City’s middle school choice processes.

photo of Stuart Keogh

Stuart Keogh

My name is Stuart Keogh. I have been in education for 11 years. The first 8 have been as a classroom secondary science teacher and soccer coach. The last 3 have been as a campus instructional coach. I completed my undergraduate degree in biomedical science in 2008 from Texas A&M and my masters in 2020 from Tarleton State University. I live in Northlake, Texas with my wife who is a school administrator and my 2 kids.

photo of Geelyn Warren

Geelyn Warren

I started my academic career at West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC) seeking a transfer degree and working as work-study student in the Financial Aid Office. It was there my passion for Higher Education and its impacts really began. I received a full-time position in the FA Office where I worked for 7 years and discovered a further interest in data and research. I chose my Graduate program focusing on data analytics and left the FA Office for a position as the Coordinator of Institutional Research (with WKCTC). I have been in the role for almost four years and truly love what I do and wish to advance in a similar role impacting policy and decisions to ultimately better serve students.

I live in Western Kentucky and have one four year old daughter, a four year old step-daughter (they are three days apart so basically twins), and a 3 year old step-son. I also have two dogs, a Corgi and a Husky to ensure if the children aren’t making a mess, there will at least be dog hair on everything.

I was extremely nervous to take the next step and apply for the Ed.D program but am so excited for the opportunity to continue to learn and grow as a leader and advocate for education.

photo of Kyle Pepin

Kyle Pepin

Kyle Pepin is a student in the Ph.D. in Educational Leadership program. He is an instructor of Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Engineering for the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system and its partnered dual enrollment high schools. He believes in workforce development, career and technical education, and STEM education as practical and growth oriented education mediums for great careers, entrepreneurship, and lifelong learning. Kyle’s research interests include improving recruitment and retention in these types of education programs as well as facilitating partnerships between industry, colleges, and high schools for dual-enrollment and student career progression.