This course supplements and integrates previous learning and is designed to provide maximum exposure to various concepts and perspectives of leadership through observational experiences, critical thinking, and self-analysis. It is also designed to allow the demonstration of previously learned leadership theories, styles, and strategies. Students must integrate their personal ethics and vision of leadership in their examination of various contemporary leadership contexts.
Prerequisite(s):   Admission to the program or consent of instructor
Same as CLD 404
Syllabi (Requires Link Blue/MyUK credentials)
Spring 2017
  Section 201 - Maria Cahill (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Fall 2016
  Section 201 - Trisha Clement-Montgomery (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Fall 2015
  Section 201 - Victoria Sherif (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Fall 2014
  Section 201 - Dana Specker Watts (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
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