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40 Minute Focus is the free webinar series featuring experts on topics important to busy school leaders.

Episode Notes

Season 1

S1E1 October 11, 2019

“What Happened to ISLLC?” Featuring Dr. Lu Young


Did you know that the ISLLC Standards are being replaced for principals? The Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) provide today’s school leaders a clear and comprehensive understanding of how leadership contributes directly to the success and well-being of everyone in the school community – the young and not so young. From initial preparation through professional mastery, PSEL standards illustrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to be successful school leaders today. Participants will hear learn
– What the new standards mean for you;
– How PSEL compares to ISLLC;
– What the new standards will help you do to improve yourself and those around you.


Dr. Lu Young, Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Educational Leadership Studies, University of Kentucky. Dr. Young served as the Chief Academic Officer of Fayette County Public Schools in Lexington, KY, and before that, superintendent of Jessamine County Schools for nine years. She earned principal and superintendent certifications from the University of Kentucky and holds a doctorate in education leadership from Northern Kentucky University. Dr. Young was selected as the 2012 Kentucky Superintendent of the Year. She serves on the Advisory Council for AdvancEd KY and is an active member of the board of the United Way of the Bluegrass and the UK College of Education Board of Advocates.

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PDF: PSEL Webinar – UK EDL 10.11.2019

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S1E2 November 8, 2019

“Students as Education Improvement Partners” Featuring the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team


Students are the subjects and recipients of education research, policy, and practice but are seldom agents in crafting those efforts.

In this session, representatives from Kentucky’s Prichard Committee Student Voice Team will make the case for integrating more student feedback in education design and decision-making and share their research, policy, and advocacy work on some key education equity issues.

This session will examine the impact of elevating student voice, review examples of student voice in practice along a spectrum of increasing ownership and lead participants through a facilitated discussion to identify strategies for elevating student voice within their existing programs and partnerships.


• Lily Gardner, Henry Clay High School junior and student co-director, Prichard Committee Student Voice Team
• Nasim Mohammadzadeh, Paul Dunbar High School senior and legislative coordinator, Prichard Committee Student Voice Team
• Rachel Belin, Director, Prichard Committee Student Voice Team

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PDF: Prichard Committee Student Voice Team 11-8-19

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S1E3 December 13, 2019

“Broadening the Definition for Student Success: The JCPS Backpack” Featuring Dr. Carmen Coleman


Beginning in the fall of 2017, every student in Jefferson County Public Schools arrived on the first day at school to find a new kind of backpack. This one was digital, and its purpose was to drastically change the student experience in this large, urban district.

Since then, over one million artifacts have been uploaded as evidence toward five key Success Skills, and over 22,000 students in grades 5, 8 and 12 have successfully defended their readiness to successfully transition to the next level.

Join us to learn about the how and why behind the JCPS Backpack for Success, and the outcomes so far.

Your Presenter

Dr. Carmen Coleman, Chief Academic Officer, Jefferson County Public Schools.

Dr. Coleman previously served as an associate clinical professor at the University of Kentucky (UK) in the Department of Educational Leadership Studies. She was the program coordinator for the Principal Preparation Program and the director of the Next Generation Leadership Academy. Before joining UK, Dr. Coleman served as superintendent of Danville Independent Schools. Previously, she was the director of elementary schools in Fayette County. She began her career in Scott County, where she worked as a teacher and principal.

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PDF: JCPS Backpack Webinar Dec 13 2019

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