Graduate Degrees

Master of Science in Instructional Systems Design

This program is designed for those individuals who want to develop their instructional design and technology knowledge and skills who want to perform in an instructional capacity in a variety of educational and training settings. Students may select the thesis or non-thesis option. Plan A is a 36 semester hour program without a thesis requirement. Plan B is a 30 semester hour program with a thesis requirement. Specific programs are planned with a faculty advisor and subject to the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. Students in the Instructional Systems Design Program are required to complete 18 hours of core course work, 6-12 electoral credit hours, and  at least six credit hours of coursework outside the College of Education.


Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Instructional Systems Design

Instructional Systems Design is an area of concentration in the Instruction of Administration program leading to the doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) The Instructional Systems Design concentration is designed to prepare individuals to conduct research, teach, manage instructional design units, and assume leadership roles in the field of instructional design and technology. Each student’s program is guided by a major professor and advisory committee throughout the graduate career. All doctoral students complete a minimum of forty-two (42) semester hours beyond the master’s degree.  In addition all students are required to complete an internship.  A qualifying examination consisting of both written and oral components is required of all doctoral students. Each student must also present a dissertation which is the result of original research.

Program Admission

While consideration will be given to the applicant’s previous academic background and work experience, neither coursework in education or public school certification are required for admission to Instruction Systems Design programs.

Decisions concerning admission of an applicant are based on professional recommendations, undergraduate and graduate grade point averages, scores on the Graduate Record Examination, and the other relevant data. A limited number of teaching assistantships and university fellowships are available.