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Course participants will develop leadership skills in curriculum and instruction through a variety of research-based analytic practices such as lesson study, observation, mentoring, dialogic and collaborative work in the context of a school learning community. Clinical/field/practicum experiences provide experience identifying a research problem, planning a course of action, and implementing and evaluating the action plan to improve learning results in K-12 classrooms. This course is designed as a hybrid workshop as follows. The class begins with a one-week intensive summer experience. Online and distance learning instruction will be conducted throughout the fall semester as students engage in their course work through clinical/field/practicum experiences. During the semester, two in-class meetings will serve as midpoint and final assessments of student progress toward meeting course objectives. Clinical/field work will be conducted in school classrooms.
Prerequisite(s):   Graduate-level curriculum course, graduate-level assessment course, and a minimum of two years' K-12 teaching experience
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Fall 2016
  Section 201 - Kathy Swan (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
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