This course promotes the thoughtful examination of writing instruction at the middle and high school levels Throughout the course, learners are introduced to strategies and skills they can use to enhance their own writing and the writing of their students. Using a process approach, students learn how to communicate ideas effectively in a variety of genres and for a multitude of purposes. Based on the most current research in the field, this course explores such topics as writers workshop, conferencing, assessment of struggling writers, reading/writing connections, writing in the disciplines, revision and editing, the use of digital media to support writers, and the management of writing instruction. This course is offered in conjunction with an eight-week clinical field experience.
Prerequisite(s):   EDC 347, graduate standing, or permission of instructor.
Syllabi (Requires Link Blue/MyUK credentials)
Fall 2017
  Section 001 - Susan C. Cantrell (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Fall 2016
  Section 001 - Rene' Matthews (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
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