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Students Prepare for Job Interviews in Teaching Careers

Several Lexington principals and school leaders recently played a role in helping prepare elementary education graduates for job interviews.

A seminar was held at Veterans Park Elementary in April where students learned about the application and interview process from Amy McVey, principal of Veterans Park, and Cindy Godsey, human resources associate director at Fayette County Public Schools.The students then broke into smaller groups to participate in mock interviews with principals who had volunteered their time.

“I hope the student teachers gained some insight into what is sometimes a scary and intimidating process,” said Jennifer Hutchison, principal of Picadome Elementary. “Hopefully, by asking us questions about the process, we can lessen the anxiety so they can relax and be themselves during the interview process.”Hutchison said she looks for a growth mindset, the ability to get along well with others and leadership skills when she interviews candidates.

Joni Meade, an elementary education faculty member who organized the event, said she hears from principals that the mock interviews are not only beneficial to the UK students, but also to the principals in getting to meet so many new candidates.

The seminar was not the students’ first contact with area schools. They spend many hours at schools during observations, practicums, volunteer opportunities and student-teaching.“

Many students visit our school from the College of Education,” Hutchison said. “I feel a responsibility to provide them the opportunity to develop their craft and to demonstrate to them how an effective school operates and good teachers teach. I want them to see what it takes to be a teacher in today’s society. I want the students who leave my school to say ‘that is a place I want to work.’”

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