The Master’s with Initial Certification Program in Secondary English Education is ideal for candidates who:

  • Demonstrate deep knowledge and interest in literacy including reading, writing, speaking and listening, language, non-print texts, digital media, film, and literary studies;
  • Want to help adolescents learn, grow, and become knowledgeable, creative, critical thinkers and adult members of their communities through literate practice for daily life;
  • Value equity, inclusion, and diversity;
  • Understand that teachers are made, not born;
  • Seek to make a positive contribution in the lives of adolescents by teaching them how to understand and communicate successfully in all aspects of their lives

We welcome traditional English and English Education majors into the program, and we also work with candidates from many other backgrounds related to literacy, language, and English studies.

MIC English Education graduates earn a full MA degree and are eligible for certification in English language arts, grades 8-12.

Students admitted to this program are matched strategically with Cooperating Teachers and local partner schools for a full school-year to ensure they receive extended, authentic, diverse, and high quality experiences in applied classroom settings throughout their program of studies. Our learning together is highly collaborative and places strong emphasis on teaching as a matter of purposeful, research-based, and professional design. Our success is not accidental.

Our graduates learn to teach as idealists: Professionals who are committed to the eternal pursuit of excellence for all, not just some.

Program Requirements

You must hold a degree in English, Secondary English Education, or an equivalent content area BA degree. For a full overview of the MIC program, application requirements, and specific course requirements, see https://education.uky.edu/edc/mic/future/.

Today is an important time to embark upon a career in teaching English language arts. Our program asserts there is no more important subject for young people to learn than ELA because learning to use language strategically for thinking, identity building, and communicating for success in today’s world is the foundation for success in all aspects of modern life.

I'm Ready to Apply


Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding this program. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Les Burns
Associate Professor
(859) 257-2939

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