This research project explores how students engage in problem-based learning and community action through integration of critical literacy and mathematics learning. Cindy Jong, Ph.D., an associate professor in STEM Education, and Kristen Perry, Ph.D., an associate professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Curriculum and Instruction, along with two undergraduate research fellows, NaKayla Greene and Rachel Farmer, implemented an after-school program at Garden Springs Elementary. The Community Super Investigators Club (CSI:UK) encouraged second and third graders to apply critical mathematics and literacy to address important community issues. Jong, Perry, Greene and Farmer worked to create positive experiences with math and literacy by teaching students to apply academic skills to real-world problems (e.g., determining whether reported statistics are true, writing a letter to an elected representative, designing bird houses from recycled materials). This year, children investigated the impact of trash on the environment to improve the lives of animals.

Nakayla Greene
Rachel Farmer
Cindy Jong
Kristen Perry