College Communications Resources

The UK College of Education Communications Office can provide strategic communications planning and support to help you effectively communicate about the college to various audiences.

By meeting our graphic standards, you help project a clear, unifying image for your university and college.  The College of Education Communications Office can provide graphic design, writing, and proofreading to help further this effort. Some examples are college apparel, banners, flyers, posters, and more.

Official logos can be obtained by clicking here.

All efforts should align with the University graphics standards (

Public Relations

Public Relations
We have multiple avenues of communicating about the exciting things happening in our College. The Communications office works with UK PR and Marketing to prepare and disseminate information to news media and the public at large. Please contact us at if you have something to share that might be of news interest. We also maintain social media channels for the College, including a presence on Facebook and Twitter. We welcome suggestions for content, especially photos, announcements, and links of interest. In addition, we regularly produce The Communicator, which is our College e-Magazine, as well as Next, our printed magazine. Please let us know if you have ideas or submissions for these publications, or to submit news for the Communicator, visit this page.  

In conjunction with the Office of Information Systems, we also maintain portions of the College website and invite submissions of news, events and other content, as well as suggestions for updates. You may submit those to

Also, please contact us at to submit announcements for the digital signage throughout the College.


Flyers, emails, invitations, announcements, brochures, postcards and similar materials that are meant to be disseminated to a wide audience (i.e., a large number of College of Education students, College of Education faculty and staff, or a wide group of peers, alumni, policy makers, influencers, and supporters) should be submitted to the Communications office so that we may help you ensure that these materials reflect our efforts to present a clear message that is consistent with University and College standards. Please allow 10 business days for review if possible. If this material includes academic program information, it must also be submitted to Dr. Rosetta Sandidge. Please email your draft in pdf format to

Graphic Design Requests

Graphic Design Requests By submitting your graphic design request at least three weeks prior to your deadline, we are better able to help you achieve a polished piece. We want to help you look great! A clear, consistent image with aesthetically-pleasing style contributes to our college’s public image as well as helps internal audiences recognize and relate to the college’s messaging.

To submit a design request, please fill out the form below. Remember that text to be included in your project must be fully proofed and ready for publication before submitting your project for design. If it contains information about academic programs or classes, your text must be approved by Dr. Rosetta Sandidge PRIOR TO DESIGN. Only minor text edits will be done after your project has been designed. Your proof will be returned to you with a watermark showing it is in draft form. It will not be cleared for printing until it has been reviewed and the watermark is lifted.


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