Communicator News

To submit your news for the Communicator, please use the form at the bottom of this page. Examples of news include the following:

Student Success News:  (research, internships, service learning, awards and recognitions, student organization projects, peer mentoring, EDLIFE/KHP Living Learning Communities, global learning, presentations/publications, interviews, reflections /growth in practice, leadership, creativity, etc…) 

Faculty and Staff News:  (innovative teaching, learning and support services; internal and external awards and recognitions; cross discipline and program collaborations; work groups, councils, teams, and committees’ accomplishments; impactful research, innovations, publications, service; support for LLCs and student success efforts; evidence of community and inclusionary practices, etc..)

Partnership News:  (innovative clinical/residency sites, field experiences and internships, both locally and globally;  vibrant and strong partnerships with industry, agencies, schools, health organizations, higher education, and/or communities; meaningful engagement and innovations to strengthen academic programs and address local and global community needs, etc..).

College Transformation News:  (transformation of facilities, brand, infrastructure, climate, financial system, diversity and internationalization efforts, technology, safety, research capacity, metrics to measure progress, etc…)