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College of Education Professor Releases New Book on Rising Tuition Costs in Higher Ed

by Jenny Wells, UK Public Relations

photo of John Thelin
John Thelin

John Thelin, professor of higher education and public policy in the University of Kentucky College of Education, has authored a new book on the economics of higher education and increasing tuition costs.

The Rising Costs of Higher Education: A Reference Handbook,” published by ABC-CLIO, features 10 original essays by higher education policy experts, a lively historical narrative that provides context to current issues and systematic guides to finding additional sources of information on the subject.

“My writing and research on this topic has grown out of my participation in the American Enterprise Institution’s discussion group on higher education policies, a good forum in Washington D.C. with lively debates and contrasting points of view,” Thelin said.

Since coming to UK in 1996, Thelin has become nationally renowned as one of UK’s go-to experts on higher education history, policies and issues. An alumnus of Brown University, he received his master’s degree in American history and doctorate in the history of education from the University of California, Berkley. He went on to work in a variety of administrative positions in higher education, and eventually became research director for California’s 64 independent colleges and universities in 1979, which sparked his interest and involvment with public policy at the state and federal levels. Over the years, Thelin developed even more interests ranging from the study of philanthropy and foundations to economics of higher education to the study of college sports.

“UK has been a very hospitable place for me to pursue these interests,” said Thelin, who also has a joint appointment with the UK Martin School of Public Policy and Administration.

His book, “A History of American Higher Education,” has remained the standard account of the evolution of American universities and colleges since its publication in 2004 by the Johns Hopkins University Press.