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Collaboration to Further Public Education and Public Health

Mazur research

The research of Professor Joan Mazur, Ph.D., is located at the intersection of public education and public health. Her conceptual focus employs trans-disciplinary research to practice and research and development strategies to address persistent issues that face youth in rural farming communities.​

With over 20 years of research funding from NIOSH, NSF and private foundations, Mazur has engaged colleagues from the Colleges of Public Health; Agriculture, Food and Environment; Communication and Information Studies; and Engineering to create innovative online curriculum to address injury and fatality for the high at-risk group of youth aged 15-19 in 10 states. She pioneered standards-based curriculum integration of safety interventions. Working with doctoral and master’s degree students on multiple research and development projects has resulted in more than 35 co-authored presentations, 10 research articles, 10 book chapters and two national research awards for curriculum, evaluation and innovations. These innovations include online narrative simulations, immersive 3-D digital gaming interventions and Web 2.0 online data collection and analytics.​