Helping Students Process Racial Trauma

As anniversaries of the tragedies that sparked nation-wide protests against systemic racism approach, faculty members with the Education and Civil Rights Initiative in collaboration with the NAACP, based in the University of Kentucky College of Education, are sharing information to aid school personnel in helping students process racial trauma and … Read More

UK Faculty, Students Contribute to National Cancer Prevention Workshop

An educational session airing Thursday, Feb. 4 during the National Cancer Prevention Workshop will feature expert information from University of Kentucky faculty and students. The workshop is typically an event on Capitol Hill that educates students and legislators and provides continuing education credits for physicians, nurses, and public health professionals. The … Read More

Rankings Place Dean Among Top Education Policy Influencers

An annual ranking of the U.S. scholars most influential in shaping education practice and policy once again includes University of Kentucky College of Education Dean Julian Vasquez Heilig. Vasquez Heilig has consistently been ranked among the top public influencers in the Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings. The 2021 edition was released … Read More

Literacy Professor Creates Support for K-12 Teachers

University of Kentucky College of Education Professor Janice Almasi has received funding from the Kentucky Department of Education to support teachers implementing the Kentucky Academic Standards for Reading and Writing. Almasi is the Carol Lee Robertson Endowed Professor of Literacy in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. To coordinate the … Read More

December Grads Include Three Uniquely Trained to Help Special Education Students with Communication Needs

Among December’s University of Kentucky College of Education graduates are three students who completed a program uniquely preparing school personnel who work with students with moderate and severe disabilities. Though not typically trained together, a grant UK received from the U.S. Department of Education allows teachers in the special education … Read More

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