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Appeals Process

Candidates who are denied admission to an educator certification program, not retained in the program, or denied completion of the program, may appeal the decision of program faculty.

The first appeal is for the program faculty to reconsider its initial decision. Candidates must request a reconsideration within 30 days of the date on the letter of denial. The request for reconsideration must be presented to the program faculty chair, who will call a meeting of the program faculty to review the original decision. The program faculty chair will notify the Director of Academic Services and Teacher Certification of the faculty’s decision, and the Director will notify the candidate in writing.

If the program faculty does not alter its initial decision, the candidate may appeal to the College of Education standing committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Standards of the College of Education standing committee on Graduate Admissions Standards. Candidates wishing to appeal to one of these admissions and standards committees must present their request for committee review to either the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Services or the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies.

The Associate Dean will assemble the necessary materials, call the committee together to hear the appeal, and inform the candidate of the committee’s decision. The Associate Dean will also notify the Director of Academic Services and Teacher Certification so that the student’s records may be updated. For purposes of admission, retention, or completion of educator certification programs, the decision of the admissions and standards committee is final.

Grade Appeals

Appealing a grade begins by scheduling a conference with the instructor who awarded the grade. If the student wishes to continue to appeal after discussing the issue with the instructor, he/she should contact the Department Chair’s Office for further steps.