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Academic Bankruptcy and Reinstatement

*This information pertains to College of Education undergraduates ONLY. Please consult the college in which you are enrolled for college-specific contacts and procedures.

Undergraduate students who have been readmitted through the usual channels after an interruption of two or more continuous years, and who have completed at least one semester or at least 12 hours with a GPA of 2.0 or better, beginning with the semester of readmission, may choose to have none of their previous University course work counted toward graduation and in the computation of their GPAs.

The Rules Committee holds that enrollment for a semester, when terminated by a withdrawal before completion of the semester (grades all Ws), in the two years preceding readmission is not an interruption. Under this circumstance, a student cannot invoke the academic bankruptcy rule.

  • The 12-hour requirement of this rule must be met by enrolling in courses offered by the University of Kentucky. The courses must be taken after the student has been readmitted. The courses may be regular university courses or independent study (provided the course is offered the the University of Kentucky).
  • In addition, the dean of the student’s college may permit such a readmitted student who has elected not to count past work, to receive credit for selected courses without including those grades in the computation of the student’s GPA (cumulate or otherwise).
  • Part-time as well as full-time students can take advantage of the academic bankruptcy rule.
  • Students need not have been originally suspended from the University to qualify for the option.
  • In calculating the 2.0 GPA, a student must have taken all of the 12 hours necessary to apply for bankruptcy for a letter grade. Course numbers ending with a suffix of R, if taken for a letter grade, shall count toward the 12-hour minimum of eligibility for bankruptcy under this rule.