Spring Research Conference
Agenda and Abstracts
March 26, 2016

8:00 – 8:40 Registration and Reception
8:40 – 8:55 Introductions
9:00 – 10:00 Session 1

Exercise Science (Conference room 1 & 2)

Jeffrey Mettler (University of Kentucky) The Effects of a Hip Flexor Stretching Program on Running Kinematics in Individuals with Limited Hip Extension

Jason Keeler (University of Kentucky) The Effect of Shift Work on Arterial Stiffness in Law Enforcement

Mark Mason (University of Kentucky) Effect of Static Stretching and Potentiation on Power Development in Athletes

Amanda Ransom (University of Kentucky), Steven Capehart (University of Kentucky), Jeffrey Mettler (University of Kentucky), Robert Shapiro (University of Kentucky) Lower Extremity EMG Activity during AlterG Treadmill Walking

Research Methods (Hunt Room)

Brittany F. Crawford (University of Louisville), Kate E. Snyder, Ph.D., (University of Louisville) Confusion Between Causation and Correlation: Assessing Undergraduate Students’ Misconceptions of Research Design

Sinem Toraman (University of Cincinnati), Vicki L. Plano Clark (University of Cincinnati) Mixed Methods Research: U.S. Trends in Federally Funded Research Projects in Education

Victoria Sherif (University of Kentucky) Conducting Qualitative Secondary Analysis: Experiences and Lessons

Rachael Clark (University of Cincinnati) Grit: Necessary but not Sufficient for Career Success

Leadership (Library)

10:00 – 11:00 Poster Session and Break

Poster Session (Lobby Area)

Hadeel A. Ali, BS (University of Kentucky), NamHee A. Kim, MS (University of Kentucky), Brittany L. Waiters Nevitt, BA (University of Kentucky), Amanda E. Campbell (University of Kentucky), Parth M. Patel (University of Kentucky), Diana Z. Fidaoui, MA (Syracuse University), Ellen L. Usher, PhD (University of Kentucky) Arabic Speaking Self-Efficacy of Students in Undergraduate Arabic Classes

Mikah Pritchard (University of Kentucky) Comparing Delivery and Academic Achievement: An Overview of Achievement in Online and On-campus Courses

Emily Flowers (University of Cincinnati) Increasing Engagement Utilizing Video Modeling and the Good Behavior Game with Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Faith Jones (University of Kentucky), Trisha A. Turner (University of Kentucky), Laura B. Page (University of Kentucky), Dr. Ellen Usher (University of Kentucky) Sleepy? Self-Regulated? Successful? Sleep Deprivation, Self-Regulation, and Student Performance in Undergraduate Biology

Noah Glaser (University of Cincinnati) Impacts of Gender on Learning & Engagement Within an Online Role Playing Environment

Victoria Dickman-Burnett (University of Cincinnati) Recommendations for Effective Sexual Assault Prevention Program

Joseph Hart (University of Cincinnati) Exploring the Effect of Auxiliary Variable Manipulation upon Multiple Imputation Efficiency under Realistic Conditions

Alicia Boone (University of Kentucky) Does Thinking I Am Poor Matter? Perceived Socioeconomic Status, Self-Efficacy, and Achievement in Rural Appalachia

Ryan Callahan (University of Kentucky) Center of Pressure Excursion During a Single Leg Standing Test in Ambulatory Children with Cerebral Palsy

Madelyn Roeder (University of Kentucky) Sources of Engineering Students’ Self-Efficacy

Bohac, S. W. (University of Kentucky), Wakefield, J. R. (University of Kentucky), Li, C. R., & Usher, E. L. (University of Kentucky) Learning by Doing: Co-Operative Experience and Engineering Self-Efficacy Development

Lyndsie Hall (University of Cincinnati), Renee Hawkins (University of Cincinnati) Examining the Effectiveness of a Sibling-Mediated Repeated Reading Intervention

Kyle Cox (University of Cincinnati) Review of Literature on Empirically Estimated Design Parameters for Cluster Randomized Trials with Educational Outcomes

Batsheva Guy (University of Cincinnati) Active Learning in Undergraduate Education: A Review of the Literature

11:00 – 12:00 Session 2

Health and Wellbeing (Hunt)

Oladunni Oluwoye (University of Cincinnati) Peer Norms and the Nonmedical Use of Prescription Drugs among African American Adolescents

Robin Lindquist-Grantz, MSW, LISW-S (University of Cincinnati), Lisa M. Vaughn, Ph.D. (University of Cincinnati) We Are Leaders: Examining Youth Development in Youth Participatory Action Research

Teminijesu J. Ige, MPH, CHES (University of Cincinnati), Laura A. Nabors, PhD, ABPP (University of Cincinnati) Influence of Internet Information on Young Adults’ Electronic Cigarette Perceptions and Behaviors

Angelica Hardee (University of Cincinnati) Students Addressing Social Determinants of Health in a Midwestern City

Evaluation (Conference room 1 & 2)

Abney, B. (University of Louisville), Todd, B. R. (University of Louisville), Cumberland, D. M. (University of Louisville) Improving the Employee Evaluation Process: A Program Evaluation

Colvin, S. (University of Louisville), Cumberland, D. M (University of Louisville) ABC Organization’s New Hire Orientation Program Evaluation

Preston, A. (University of Louisville), Cumberland, D. M. (University of Louisville) Talent Management Program Evaluation

Sue Schlembach (University of Cincinnati), Mona Jenkins (University of Cincinnati) Lenses for Mapping Cincinnati’s Community-Based Assets: A Transformational Framework

Novesl, A. (University of Louisville), Cumberland, D. M. (University of Louisville) Presidential Host Program Selection Process Evaluation

Content (Library)

12:00- 1:45 Lunch and Panel discussion with Wayne Lewis, Joe Waddington, Carman Coleman Future of Education

1:45 – 2:45 Session 3

Sports and Health Leadership (Hunt Room)

Ann Herd, PhD (University of Louisville), Amanda Bowers (University of Louisville) Exploring Components of Coach Philosophy as a Key Ingredient in the Executive Coaching Relationship

Kobena Osam (University of Louisville) A Case Study on the Application of a Human Performance Technology Model to a Sports Product Manufacturing Company

Ann Herd, PhD (University of Louisville_, Amanda Bowers (University of Louisville), Jeffrey Sun, PhD, JD (University of Louisville) Critical Competencies Most Needed in Today’s Healthcare Environment According to Exemplary Healthcare Leaders

James Weiner (University of Louisville) Differences Between Early and Late Buyers in Division 1 College Football

ESL ( Library )

Elizabeth Lowrance (University of Cincinnati) (Mis)use of Participial Adjectives in Nonnative Speakers of English

Xiaoliang Qi (University of Kentucky) Construction of Chineseness in Chinese-as-a-Foreign-Language Classrooms in American Public Schools

Yan Wang (University of Kentucky) Where do I belong? Cries from Chinese American College Students

Dr. Hye Pae (University of Cincinnati), Ms. Jing Sun, (University of Cincinnati) English Motion Verb Encoding by Native Chinese and Korean Speakers

Diversity, Non Traditional Students and Partnerships (Conference Room 1& 2)

Brendan O’Farrell (University of Kentucky) Learning to Navigate Intercultural Space: A Narrative Analysis

Ashley Vaughn (University of Cincinnati) School’s out for summer? Providing Urban Summer Experiences for Preservice Science Teachers

Guerrero, J. (University of Louisville), Cumberland, D. M. (University of Louisville) Hispanic and Latino Participation in Advanced Placement

Carissa Schutzman (University of Kentucky) Women in Advanced Manufacturing: Can Community Colleges Open this Door?

2:45 – 3:00 Break

3:00 – 4:00 Session 4

Social Econmics (Hunt Room)

William Grinstead (University of Kentucky) Are We Still Measuring Returns-to-(Higher) Education?

Sue Schlembach (University of Cincinnati) Family Homelessness and the Contextual Nature of Play

Timothy Lau (University of Louisville) A Secondary Analysis of JCPS School Data

Amanda Bowers (University of Louisville), Meera Alagaraja, PhD (University of Louisville) Exploring impact in university-community partnerships: Community partner definitions, perspectives, and implementation strategies

Educational Psychology (Library)

Trisha Turner (University of Kentucky) Do I know how I will do? Calibration and Self-regulation in an Undergraduate Biology Course

Nam Hee Angela Kim (University of Kentucky), Caitlyn E. Gastfield (University of Kentucky), Haley B. Ellis (University of Kentucky), and Ellen L. Usher, Ph. D. (University of Kentucky) Mindfulness and self-regulation in at-risk adolescents: The role of self-efficacy

Jordan Findley (University of Kentucky) Teacher Self-Efficacy Scale for Autism: A Validation Study

Xiao-Yin Chen (University of Kentucky), Caihong Li, MS (University of Kentucky), Ellen Usher, PhD (University of Kentucky) Social Models and Engineering Self-Efficacy: What Engineers Do You Know?