(in the Office of Program Documentation, Accountability and Compliance, 166 Taylor Education Building)

Rosetta Sandidge is the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Accreditation and Planning. She can be reached through her Staff Associate Hadley Negaard, at 859-323-7482, or via email at rosetta.sandidge@nulluky.edu. Dr. Sandidge has overall responsibility for national accreditations in the UK College of Education and provides leadership on all matters relating to academic planning as a member of the Dean’s Council of Associate Deans. She is the primary contact for College of Education faculty working on new and revised programs at UK. She collaborates with all College of Education program managers seeking either new or renewed national accreditation. She serves as UK’s primary contact for CAEP, the Kentucky EPSB, and AAQEP.

Hadley Negaard is the Staff Associate who provides a wide range of administrative services for faculty and staff, in addition to answering questions related to accreditation and academic planning. She can be reached at 859-323-7482, or via email at hadley.negaard@nulluky.edu.

Christopher Reese is the Assistant Director for Teacher Education and Certification, Program Accreditation and Compliance for the UK College of Education. He can be reached at 859- 257- 4112, or via email at christopher.reese@nulluky.edu. He is the primary contact for students seeking admission to teacher education (TEP) and for program completers seeking UK’ s recommendation for teacher certification to the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board. He also works in direct collaboration with faculty program managers as UK prepares for EPSB program approval and national accreditation through AAQEP in the Spring of 2023. He maintains a regular collaboration with the Office of Teacher Licensure and Effectiveness in the Kentucky Department of Education.

Gary Schroeder is Director of Teacher Education and Certification, Program Accreditation and Compliance for the UK College of Education. He can be reached at 859-257-8691, or via email at ggschroeder@nullukv.edu. Dr. Schroeder oversees all of the activities and responsibilities of the office and can answer questions and provide information on all college efforts related to EPSB program approval and AAQEP accreditation preparations.

Martha Geoghegan is the data manager for educator preparation programs at the University of Kentucky. She can be reached at 859-218-2887, or via email at myrt@nulluky.edu. Martha Geoghegan is also staff support manager for the College of Education Courses and Curricula Committee and is the primary contact person with the UK Senate through the university’ s Curriculog system. She carries out a wide variety of reporting functions and provides data reports on UK’ s educator preparation programs.

Ashwin Soerdien is the Senior Programmer in charge of maintaining the College of Education CEPIS Data Portal for Educator Preparation Programs and is the developer of the UK Ed Prep online educator preparation program account management system for educator preparation students. He can be reached at 859-257-3357, or via email at ashwin.soerdien@nulluky.edu. Students with questions about PRAXIS test scores, online applications for student teaching or admission to teacher education, or problems in using the UK Ed Prep system may contact him for assistance.