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What is a Living Learning Community?

Do you like meeting people and hanging out with friends who share your interests? Several residence halls feature special programs for students pursuing the same academic focus.

The UK College of Education’s EdLife Living Learning Community is for students interested in teaching. Our KHP and Wellness Living Learning Community is for students interested in pursuing careers within the fields of kinesiology and health promotion.

Both programs give you hands-on learning experiences, interaction with faculty and upperclassman peer mentors, special courses connected with the programs, and the chance to lead and teach others.


The EdLife community is located at Jewell Hall, and the KHP Wellness community is located at Woodland Glen IV. The 2020-2021 location will be at Chellgran Hall.

For more information about College of Education Living Learning Communities, contact Jenna DeMastes.

  • EdLife
  • Kinesiology Health Promotion and Wellness (KHPW)