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Ph.D. in Education Sciences

Physical Education Strand

Thank you for visiting the doctoral web page for the Physical Education Teaching graduate program at the University of Kentucky. The Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion offers an M.S. in Physical Education Teaching and Coaching with an emphasis on Teaching, an Ed.D. with a Physical Education Teaching emphasis, and a Ph.D. in Education Sciences with a Physical Education Teaching emphasis. The Ph.D. program has a required core of classes and sample of electives. The student may have an emphasis in specific areas of education. The difference between the Ed.D. program and the Ph.D. program are the common core requirements, which tend to provide a more rigorous statistics and research background for the student.

The aim of the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Educational Sciences with a focus on Physical Education is to prepare graduates to teach physical education methods and content in a higher education setting; design, conduct, and analyze prevalent research in the field; fulfill their research commitments as part of their faculty responsibilities; and seek/obtain internal and external funding. Physical education doctoral students are prepared to teach future physical education teachers, conduct relevant research in the areas of physical activity promotion and effective teaching practices. Prior to acceptance into the program, students will have completed a thesis or independent project, demonstrating his or her ability to conduct research. In addition, students will have taken KHP 644 Research Techniques Applied to Kinesiology and Health Promotion or the equivalent. Students who complete this program would be trained to work in a College or School of Education, College of Applied Health, or other departments in which physical education and/or physical activity promotion was a component. Additionally, students who complete this program would be prepared to be directors of state or federal agencies in physical education or physical activity or other positions of leadership or advocacy.

Students in the Ph.D. strand in Physical Education will be assigned to a specific faculty mentor in the KHP department. Students will be required to pass the IRB Human Subjects Protection Examination during their first semester in the program. Following that, students will be assigned to directly work with a specific faculty mentor in KHP and be assigned specific research duties. Students should be required to assist in or lead at least one research project during each year they are enrolled in the program. The research project will be conducted under the supervision of the faculty mentor. After the first year, the student should have submitted a manuscript to a practical journal in the area of physical education, physical activity, and/or health. In addition, the student should have accumulated a thorough literature review and have a list of several potential dissertation topics/questions. A proposal for a presentation should be submitted to a national conference as well. After the second year, the student should have submitted a data-based manuscript to a research-related journal in the area of physical education, physical activity, and/or health. Early in their third year, the student should have begun the proposal stage of the dissertation. The third year should be comprised of obtaining IRB approval, data collection, write up, and defense of the dissertation. Yearly reviews will be conducted of each Ph.D. candidate. Students will be required to attend all meetings, if feasible, of the research seminar group in which he/she is participating. There will be numerous opportunities for student involvement in research activities due to the collaboration of Physical Education faculty with others in the KHP Department and other Colleges within the University, and colleagues at Universities around the country.

Please see the graduate handbook for more details on policies and guidelines for completion of the degree. For more information, please contact one of the faculty listed under the faculty link (above).