Funded Grants and Research Projects



Funded Grants and Research Projects

The College of Education has an established record of securing extramural funding. The College's recent history of securing extramural funding indicates steady growth both in individual awards as well as multidisciplinary, collaborative endeavors.  Descriptions of completed and current funded projects may be found by clicking onto the Office of Sponsored Projects Information Files (OSPIF). The 8GXXX unit and department codes are  provided below.

Unit and Departmental Codes for searching the OSPIF:  
Curriculum and Instruction (EDC) 8G020 Dr. Mary Shake
Educational and Counseling Psychology (EDP) 8G030 Dr. Fred Danner
Educational Leadership Studies (EDL) 8G010 Dr. Lars Bjork
Educational Policy and Evaluation (EPE) 8G060 Dr. Alan DeYoung
Kinesiology and Health Promotion (KHP) 8G040 Dr. Melody Noland
Special Education and Rehab Counseling (EDSRC) 8G070 Dr. Debra Harley
Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD) 8G305 Dr. Susan Cantrell

The recent history of the college grants shows a continued involvement with colleagues from across the university campus.


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