EPE Faculty

UK Educational Policy
Studies & Evaluation
131 Taylor Education Bldg
Lexington, KY 40506-0001
Business Office:
(859) 257-3178
Student Services:
(859) 257-2626
(859) 257-4243

EPE Faculty, Staff and Assistants


Dr. Beth Goldstein* Department Chair

 Dr. Alan DeYoung*

 Dr. Judy Jackson*

Dr. Jane Jensen*

 Dr. Willis Jones*

  Dr. Ishwanzya Rivers

  Dr. Erin Stevenson

 Dr. John Thelin*

  Dr. Karen Tice*

Dr. Hongwei Yang*






Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Terry Birdwhistell*

Dr. Douglas A. Boyd*

Dr. Karen Carey*


Dr. Steve Clements*



Dr. Michael Covert*


Dr. David Hellmich*


Dr. Gay Holcomb*





Dr. Anthony Ogden*

Dr. Kirsten Turner*

Dr. Ben Worth*



 * Denotes Graduate Faculty membership



Teaching and Research Assistants


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